October 9, 2013

Introduction to Dev's Dungeons

Hello! I have decided to start recording my D&D adventures on Destiny's Travels. If you haven't heard me blabbing about it already, I play the game Dungeons and Dragons (currently owned by Wizards of the Coast). D&D is a roleplaying game (RPG) that involves creating complex characters to have an adventure set up and run by a player "in charge". While I'll explain more later, I wanted to get you all acquainted with different terms I'll be using and what I expect to write in these posts almost every Wednesday.

"Got the plan, guys? Alright, I light the match and stride in. No, don't ask me for a DEX check."

As this is a Pirate101 blog, I'll quickly explain the how-to's and why-do's of D&D:

  • Characters: Players create complex characters by rolling dice to calculate different characteristics. Higher rolls generally indicate abnormally strong characteristics, while weaker ones generally put characters at disadvantages. There are also a host of races and classes to choose from, each one diversifying a character even more. While some things, like strength, are useful in everyday fighting, other characteristics, like charisma, are surprisingly useful as one plays more. It's good to have a nice balance of everything, though I found characters with abnormal scores to be very fun to play.

    There are six characteristics that are rolled for in this instance: Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom, Intelligence, Constitution, and Charisma.
  • Dungeon Masters: The Dungeon Master - or DM - is the head storyteller of the game. If you play a character, then the DM is the monsters, the barkeep, the gold making noise in your pockets; even the ceiling! A good DM is learned in the ways of the game and can come up with situations quickly. D&D is all about adapting.
  • Decisions: Alright, so you're in the brig of an Armada ship. Boochbeard has asked you your name and how your parents died because they aren't with you. Then, he asks how you wound up in the brig. This is a decision not unlike those made in D&D. One chooses who to talk with, who to trust, and what to do when the situation becomes dire. 
I'll explain more as things unfold. Now, then - I, as a player, have a group that I get together to play with. I'll explain them all briefly so you're familiar with who's who. Most everyone has a nickname. 
  • Dev - Oh, that's me...I currently play Thevyre Zinnakain, an elfin ranger.
  • Lea - Lea is a close friend of mine who is at the same stage of learning as I. Her hobbit-like thief, Seaendithas Shadowheart, works very well with my character.
  • Amy - Amy currently plays a hobbit-orc-cleric by the name of Charlee. 
  • EP - EP at one point played an elf by the name of Elondil, thus the name Elfin Pickle, or EP. 
  • Abram - Abram (that's actually his character's name) brings doughnut holes every two weeks. 
  • TJ - TJ is our wonderful, spunky, fedora'd DM! 
What's going to go on?

I'll admit it. I'm not a very learned player. I'm playtesting "D&D Next", a newer version by WotC still in the making. So, most of my posts will be reflecting on the storyline and what actually goes on in my sessions. Later tonight, I'll have a short bit from my most recent adventure here for you to read through. 

What do you think? Questions? Should Travels be opened to D&D for the time being, or should it stay strictly Pirate101? Posts on D&D would be made on Wednesday evenings/nights ONLY and I may be too tired from a session to make a post, anyways. Pictures will include dice, blurry angle shots of notes, cookies, and dice. Feel free to e-mail or make a comment with any notes regarding this. 

Keep Traveling (fun fact: My character was always a traveler.)

Here's an example of what happened tonight.

TJ, chewing thoughtfully on a pretzel M&M, looked up from his notes.
"Alright, so the pigeon is circling you guys, and then it takes off. EP, it's too far for you to try and shoot it down. What do you want to do?" He then turned to the rest of us. EP and Amy discussed the blind beggar listening to our exchange with the odd cup and the pigeon, while Lea opened another peanut butter cup and jotted a note to the side of her AC (Armor class, defense baseline stat). I picked up my 20-sider.
"So, how far up is that pigeon? I know the buildings are stable here, so wouldn't I be able to -"
"Climb?" TJ reads my mind, "You're a ranger, so you have no problem with that. Roll a twenty." I jerked my hand up, letting go of the die. It landed with a bold 17 facing up. TJ nods.
"Alright, so you're leaping from roof to roof, tracking that pigeon. The rest of the group is toddling beneath you, sometimes lagging behind. You've run and jumped for almost two miles, now, and as you skid to a stop on the barrier wall, you realize that you've just run across the entire city in perhaps record time, considering the traffic." The group cheered, giving me high-fives and fist-bumps. I sit back in my chair, folding my hands.
"Best day ever," I remarked, smirking, "So, where's the pigeon?"

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