October 31, 2013

In Preparation for NaNoWriMo!

It's that time of year, again! This November, I will be participating in National Novel Writing Month, a writing event hosted and sponsored in part by the Office of Letters and Light. In this event, I will be scrambling to write 50,000 words of a novel along with thousands of other writers from across the country and around the world.
This year, my project's trial title is, "The Boy Named Hello". It'll change over the course of things, but it currently features the doings of a trio of troublemakers (ahem, intelligent but decidedly cunning troublemakers) trying to unravel the situation of a released experiment that - and get this - eats memories. Too ambitious? Probably.
Now that I've briefed you on my project, read on to learn more about the changes to Travels this coming month, as well as the winners of the contest in my last post!
A Break Well-Needed

This November, Travels' updates will be minimal, even down to only once per week! I will be gone from tomorrow, November 1st, to whenever I finish my goal. I'll be posting updates likely on two Sundays this month, and (for the most part) will not be in-game. However, I will remain semi-active on Twitter, though I am taking serious considerations into what I'll be Tweeting about.

Post Schedule

  • Every FRIDAY, I will be posting a new piece of fan-fiction that I have prepared over the past week. (As of this writing, I still have a little bit to go. Oops!) 
  • Two SUNDAYS this month, I will be posting updates regarding my novel. 
  • I'll try to post D&D updates on WEDNESDAYS. 
On Twitter, I'll be posting my wordcount as well as excerpts if I like them. I'd be happy to sprint with anybody who would like a challenge! (My current limited-typo record is 80 WPM from scratch!)

Halloween and Other News

Yes, I still dress up every year, just for kicks. This year, I actually found the supplies (at a thrift store) to dress up as Dead-Eye Destiny herself! I've gotten good reviews on my costume from friends, and I really do love it. I hope all of you have a happy, sugary, and safe Halloween. 
Also, I held a contest on Tuesday about a fan-fiction piece of mine. I got three wonderful replies, and I have raffled the replies in...

 Congratulations, Roslyn! E-mail me at swashbucklersoultamer @ gmail . com to receive your prize. :) 

With that, I am off to NaNoLand! Keep Traveling.

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