October 26, 2013

Housekeeping - Revamping Travels' Banners

Hello! I believe it's been almost a year since I had started using a little HTML for rotating banners, and I decided to retire a few of them and add others in. If you'd like to see a little BTS (behind-the-scenes) on when I made these banners, read on!
Firstly, the banners that I'm "retiring" or considering retiring:

This was the first (and only) banner that I had created with GIMP. I'll be completely honest - I didn't know a THING about graphic design, and so I didn't know that I had rendered things (vocabulary-wise) until just a few months ago in this banner. However, the color scheme and relevance to the site were both getting a little old, and I'll be sure to try rendering things again in the future. This banner was retired permanently last night.

I'm not exactly sure how this banner came to be, but I'm considering removing it from the lineup in order to "make room" for new banners. This banner was created when I started dabbling in Pixlr Express again and found more wonderful fonts. Now, Pixlr fonts and effects (whether from Editor, Express, or O-Matic) are found in nearly all of my edited images. I'll have to find a way to bring this text back, though.

Now, the banners that are new or am considering putting in:

I created this particular banner (minus re-sizing) entirely with Pixlr Express, something that I don't use for much more than font options. However, I decided to take advantage of the wonderful "antiquarian" stickers and spread them out over a picture of my pirate fighting. I created this banner just a few nights ago for fun, deciding to keep it after applying the font. 

I decided to bring back a concept used back near my blogoversary, which was to cover a health bar in a picture with extra spark effects. I was working with  Pixlr Editor's galaxy brushes, and found one that created a little swirl around my pirate - definitely a keeper - and that spread the white and purple out evenly. I've selected a nice text for this one, but I'm still working with brushes to make a little spot for it, having found no applicable color that wouldn't burn my eyes out.

The only banner in the original four or five that will live to see another few months is this banner, primarily because it turned out the best of all:

I'm also considering making a nice banner out of the pictures used in my last post to celebrate Pirate101's birthday. Also in the creative process is a new background with updated pictures. I have quite a few certain shots for it, but I still have some picture-taking to get done before I can start.

What would you like to see in Travels' design?

Keep Traveling!


  1. Id love to see the birthday ideal but the fourth is my favorite.

  2. Aw, I liked the El Tor--- oops I mean Don Rodrigo one!

  3. Evan,

    I had considered the Don's Banner to be a filler more than an actual banner, though it has stuck around...perhaps I feel that the harder-to-make banners look better? I do enjoy the simplicity of the Don's banner and I'll consider keeping it.


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