Devereaux's Dungeons - Thevyre is NOT on Fire

Hello! I'm starting a new segment on Travels to document my Dungeons and Dragons adventures. I'm planning to keep this segment entirely PG and entertaining to both D&D players and Pirates fans alike. Here was the headcount for today, by name and character name, respectively:

May - Charlee (Half-orc half-ling-thing Cleric)
EP - Jack Shipp the Human Cleric
J - Sparky the Dwarven Wizard
Lea - Seaendithas Shadowheart (Halfling thief)
Me - Thevyre Zinnakain (Elven Ranger)
TJ - Our wonderful, fedora'd DM

*names have been altered

When referring to people playing characters, it's fairly obvious as to if someone is actually doing something versus having their character do something. I normally refer to both my own and my character's actions in first-person, and it would be great if any reader confusion is addressed.

"Am I still on fire?" The table stifled laughs. I propped my chin on my palm, "I'm not kidding."
"No, not anymore." TJ straightened his fedora and looked back down towards his notes, "The fire's getting pretty close, and as the heat of the room increases, the cloaked person's daggers seem to drip poison. Did I mention that it smells awful?" I looked at my own statistics. Thevyre's health was down to a dangerous below-ten number, and she had utterly failed trying to put out the raging fire. I pushed my miniature a few squares forward on the battle tiling, biting my lip. I didn't want to get too close to our enemy, as his poison seemed to be very effective. Sparky had been hit, but his dwarven sturdiness kept him up. I, on the other hand, was playing a frail elf who would easily succumb to the poison. I slid my twenty-siders on the table, chewing on my cheek.
The game store was surprisingly quiet for the first twenty minutes of the adventure. For our varying party of anywhere from three to eight people, background noise plays a key role in the texture of a play session. For the first battle, we were lucky to have a near-empty game store to make embarrassing sound effects in. Short on Andrew's doughnut holes this week, Lea had baked cookies to go with EP's emergency bag of Lifesavers. Until the table behind me came in (I think their total headcount is around ten!), things sounded just as sweet as they tasted.
"Alright, well, if the building's on fire," Lea concluded, "Then I'll...just go back the way I came - through the window - and go get the fire brigade." TJ raised his eyebrows.
"You don't have a rope," he warned, "That's possibly 2d6 (two standard dice) of damage."
"I can take it," Lea sighed, rolling a twenty-sider, "I got...sixteen."
"Alright," TJ said, "That's four damage. Go ahead and get the volunteers." May was the next to counter.
"Wait, you didn't tell us," she murmured, "Did you?" Lea shook her head and began laughing. I rolled my eyes and nodded.
"Alright, if that's so," I said, "Then I'll think Seaen ditched us. I'll stop fighting -" Jaws dropped. "-and stand on the windowsill, shaking my fist and Elvish!" Laughter erupted from the table, bringing more noise into the crowding store. "How close is that fire, again?"


That's a taste of what you'll be seeing on my D&D segments. I'll rarely go through an entire adventure unless it's all so thrilling that I can't stop writing it. I'll touch on anything funny or intriguing that we stumble upon. What do you think of the segment? Should it stay? Any changes?

Keep Traveling
P.S. Sorry for no pictures; both my camera and phone died, and my computer doesn't take good dice-shots. I'll put a few pics up tomorrow, perhaps. :) --Des