Writing Updates and Plans for the Future

Ahoy! As my fan-fictions on both Pirate101.com and Stormgate Pirates progress, I set aside some time recently to think about what my future plans were for the both of them. I'll also quickly cover my expectations for National Novel Writing Month this coming November.
A Survivor's Word: A Survivor's Word is almost two-thirds of the way finished. The most exciting part is that I haven't actually written out the very last few pages yet. For now, though, I'm just copying and pasting from a document that I wrote last year as it gets updated on P101.com. There are approximately ten parts left in it, meaning a good six or seven months left of updating.

P101.com Fan-fiction: However, when ASW gets close to the thrilling ending, I'll be putting up more poetry and short prose to gear up for a new piece of fan-fiction featuring one of my favorite characters to write and his adventures; Warwick! Warwick's always been one of my favorites to write and I have plans for an entire story around him. As I left MB/Aquila out of ASW's picture, I'll be focusing on them in this new piece.

Destiny in Aquila, The Star-Arrow Swashbuckler: Destiny's story is almost halfway through, now. Having dropped Brecken and Warwick for some time, now, Destiny is going to finally begin unraveling what she ran from. I expect the story to round out at about twenty-five chapters.

Stormgate Pirates Fan-fiction: After that, I have plans for lots more shorter, fairy-tale style fiction and another project to be put there. I'll be writing this one before it's posted, though, meaning I'm going to begin working soon.

NaNoWriMo: I have decided that I will not be blogging during the month of November. However, the chance of me being back early is larger, for I am shortening my goal this year in order to accommodate other IRL commitments.  Instead of 50,000 words, I am this time trying for a half-NaNo of 25,000. The good news is that, if I do win my mini-goal, I'll have likely finished my first draft - yay!


  • The da Finchi Code: I'm busy with some extra research for the da Finchi Code post series, and it will have another post in the near future. 
  • Connections to Cool Ranch: Will see another post! 
  • Blog of Note submissions are OPEN! 
Thanks for sticking around for an update, me hearties! Keep Traveling.