September 11, 2013

Messageboards Happenings: Roleplay IV Catch-up

Hello! Sorry for the long wait; Things have most definitely picked up IRL and my schedule is crammed. However, I have been able to pay attention to one of the topics on the Pirate101 messageboards that is growing in popularity very quickly: Roleplays!
For those of you unfamiliar with the term, roleplaying is pretty much what it sounds like. You choose a character to focus your writing on as you interact with others' characters. I play many roleplaying games from Dungeons and Dragons (Where ethics and quotes are based off of character stereotypes and skills...or un-skills, when you're me) to general roleplaying with friends when we send each other writing back and forth. On the Pirate101 messageboards, roleplaying has become very popular. I'm only involved in one, but it is rumored to be one of the most confusing roleplays out there. As many participants read Travels, I thought I'd help clear things up. Otherwise, you're in for an interesting story!
Currently Active Characters:

A doodle that I made of the active characters
from their recent cliff-climb
Lizzy: Lizzy is a daring, happy-go-lucky swashbuckler with every reason to be optimistic on her side. She enjoys a good fight and good friends, often getting annoyed by people who are generally grumpy or sarcastic. Lizzy grew up in Grizzleheim and has strong ties to it.

Warwick: Warwick, Warwick Orleans. Warwick's the character that I created for my own use, roughly based on Destiny in Aquila's Warwick. Warwick is constantly veiled by the shame of leaving the Marleybonian Navy in the heat of the battle against the clockworks. His reason has so far been unshared, but the happening left him grouchy and generally unhelpful. Warwick's goal is to find his parents, no matter the costs. Even though he's such a grump, Warwick loves the skies and has the Privateer-y skills to be an effective captain and leader.

Connor: Another swashbuckler, Connor is just as much of a friend to Warwick as he is untrusted. Warwick has had past tension with Connor and doesn't trust him as closely as he does others. However, Connor is a reliable source of otherwise unrecoverable information.

Alex: Alexandra, created by Avalon's Highlander, is an alchemist who has so far seemed nice to the characters. However, it is constantly mentioned that Alex is generally deceitful in her actions. So far, Lizzy and Warwick have gotten healing potions from her.

  • Angel/Trinity: Angel and Trinity seem to be a pair of characters who complement each other quite well. Only active for one post as of yet, I can't wait to see more of these guys.
Current Story: 

I'll take this from where the characters left off at the tavern.

After a restful evening at the Kraken Skulls, Warwick rose bright and early and made his way for the docks, only to get cornered by a host of clockworks. With Lizzy's well-timed assistance, he made it out alive. Making use of the time saved, Warwick and Lizzy stocked up on equipment, eventually receiving a note from Warwick's friends in Cool Ranch saying that they were giving up on him and the quest to find where the mysterious clear windstone went. (One of Warwick's prized possessions is a small drawstring bag of pendants whose gemstones are fragments of a clear windstone gifted to him by his general. He doesn't know where it goes.) It was then that Connor popped back in with his theorizing, stating that the windstone would go to Grizzleheim. Connor's older brother had found a windstone when he had traveled there. Leaving Warwick and Lizzy to investigate on his own, Connor sailed away, hoping to meet the others once they caught up. 
After that, Warwick and Lizzy scaled a cliff to meet the esteemed alchemist, Alex. Not only did Alex provide Warwick and Lizzy with healing potions, but she as well requested to follow along on the journey. This was greatly appreciated and Alex followed Warwick and Lizzy to the marvelous galleon by the name of the Golden Gryphon. Sailing into Mooshu to find the Grizzleheimian stormgate, two of Alex's friends - Trinity and Angel - teleported in to join the fun. As the Golden Gryphon had been badly beaten in the first stormgate, Warwick steered the ship himself using massive oars in the lower decks to get the galleon through the Grizzleheimian stormgate. The most recent posts have been post-landing at Northguard, where Lizzy greeted an old friend. 

Lizzy jumped from Warwick's bark, truly resembling a cat, and scurried up to the deck once more, doing exactly as Warwick had said. Tying down the equipment took longer than she thought it would, and The Golden Gryphon was almost upon the frosty stormgate when she finished. She could already see Grizzleheim. Lizzy stared at it in frozen awe as the ship loomed ever closer to it, but she remained still in admiring the beauty of the stormgate.
And then it struck her.
She was on the deck of an old ship about to plunge into the depths of a stormgate!
Lizzy yelped and darted bellow deck, clutching the wooden beams and the bookshelves in her room, greatly appreciating the enchantment that her brother had put on the bookshelves to prevent the books from falling over. She gulped and began breathing more quickly. This was actually happening! She was going back to Grizzleheim! She braced herself as she spied the last of Mooshu's pink clouds.
But she couldn't have braced hard enough. As soon as they entered the stormgate, the ship was battered and rammed from the intensity, throwing Lizzy across the room and into the opposite wall. Lizzy gasped for breath, for her back had hit the wall flat and struck the air out of her. As soon as she regained her breath, she leaped onto the agility training-bars bolted to the ceiling and stayed hanging there like a bat until the movement of the ship was over, which was no easy task. Her knuckles turned white and her legs hurt from being looped uncomfortably, but the worst of it was over, and they were smoothly sailing towards the docks of Northguard.
"YES!!!" Lizzy whooped, dropping from the ceiling and quickly changing into her old Grizzleheim armor, preparing herself for the cold as she already saw frost growing on the window. As soon as they had docked, Lizzy ran out of her cabin, found Warwick, and gave him a great big hug. "Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you!" She squealed with pure joy, jumping up and down. Before Warwick could respond, Lizzy was already running top speed in the direction of the market. One of the first bears she saw was a rather large silver bear, a fair expression on his face as he browsed for some new armor for himself.
"Brother Bear!" Lizzy yelled, tackling her adoptive brother into a 'bear' hug.
"Elizabeth?" The great silver bear put on a quizzical expression as he picked up Lizzy with one arm and held her by the collar away from him so that he could properly examine her. "It really is you!" He clutched her tightly to himself, nearly crushing her rib cage from his strength.
"Too-tight-!" Lizzy wheezed, and she was immediately dropped to the ground by the bear, who now wore an apologetic look.
"Welcome back." He said with a grin.
Just Add Bacon 
What will happen next in the adventure of Roleplay IV? We'll just have to see, won't we? Read the whole adventure here!

Keep Traveling! --Des


  1. Avalon's HighlanderSeptember 11, 2013

    Ha! Roleplay four, easily one of my favorites. Nice describing it- and the characters! The doodles are so awesome too. :) It was a little blurred around the dialogue, and this is what I got-

    Warwick: Whats she doing in a cave?

    Lizzy: Being Alex.

    Hehe, I'll be posting soon... Until then....


  2. The correct dialogue is:

    Wwk: What does she think she's doing!? (Alex is floating down the cliff on some potion-based cloud...thing...)

    Lzy: Being Alex, that's what.

  3. To add onto that, all of my sketches are without preparation or guide-lines. I just take my pen, start drawing, and try to hide the mistakes the best I can.

    Thanks, Highlander!


  4. Avalon's HighlanderSeptember 17, 2013

    I see. You know, Warwick sort of looks like Batman at some points in those pictures.... He's a boss! XD But honestly, your sketches are pretty good. I always compare others' to my own and no matter what, in some way or form in my opinion someone else's is always better than mine in my opinion....

    And Alex being Alex. XD Trinity is more likely to just fly down the cliff wearing sunglasses and using a hoverboard of sorts, while Angel would just grab her whip, twirl it around some branch and get down the cliff like that. XD



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