September 14, 2013

Devereaux's Dragonspyre: Another Wild Idea

Do you remember this? 
Destiny Soultamer inhaled the murky air of Dragonspyre, and her lungs immediately rejected the ash content, forcing her to cough. Wiping her mouth in disgust, Destiny kept walking down the beaten stone path littered with ash. She simply couldn't grasp what had happened in the five years of her absence. The once bustling courtyards of Dragonspyre Academy that she had mingled in were but silent corridors and ghostly classrooms.  Now, it was only the pathetic singing of memories in Destiny's subconscious that brought a note of happiness to the anguished roars of drakes on the wing. Destiny hesitated to wonder if the drakes were the only familiar element... (2/2/13)
As a wizard, I loved the world of Dragonspyre the very best and submitted this short piece for a contest. Having won the contest, I only loved Dragonspyre more. Now a full-time pirate, I take occasional trips to the Avernus skyway in order to relive my wizard's breathtaking adventures. Dragonspyre alone makes me want to just buy the area and be there whenever I log on.
This led me to think, What would happen if Pirate101 integrated Dragonspyre into the story?

Hello and welcome to another wild theory with D.S. Devereaux! After plenty of good feedback on my Avery and da Finchi posts, I decided to go full speed ahead with my fan-theorizing. Let's investigate what would happen in the game if Dragonspyre were to be a part of our pirate's life.

I'd think of Dragonspyre to be a side world of sorts or - even better - a place impossible to help and a reminder to our pirates of the Spiral's ruin if our pirates don't save the day. Dragonspyre, destroyed by the Dragon Titan, is starting to be taken apart by the clockworks. As Rome is in Italy, I'd think of Dragonspyre as an extension of Valencia whose advancement had been halted when the Dragon Titan had been summoned, making way for the clockworks to dissect and eventually take the place over once Malistaire Drake had been initially taken care of.

 As Dragonspyre would be a side world, I think that a major source in Valencia would summon the pirate once they hit a stage of the map-finding that had put the pirate in so much danger that the companions considered turning back. This shows the pirates that there is no turning back at this point of the story and that they must push through. As a player, you would know that this would ultimately have to happen, but going to Dragonspyre would give that information to the character themselves.

This theory mainly relates to the Archetypal Hero's Journey, a concept often used in stories over history. In short, the protagonist is given the idea of returning back to normal life just as things turn for the worst, only to be shown exactly how bad things will be if they do make that decision. While the choice is ultimately up to them (thus making a possible DS a side world), the future-cast often puts a heavy weight on perseverance. As Dragonspyre is so close to Valencia in many ways, this is an opening for KI to slip in some twisted sense of that future-cast.

However, this would be taking place shortly after the wizards defeat Malistaire, thus putting forth some sort of timeline in either game. Would a side like this possibly alter the revealing of El Dorado?

I think it's time for a timeline...

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  1. That would be genius! There are already many connections between the two games via MB and other characters, so a side world of DS would definitely bring a twist.
    I've never entertained the idea of companions turning away from their captain. However, I do remember on the first Sarah Steele promotion quest that the quest giver mentioned "Has she betrayed you yet?" That's been nagging me since. A lot of the companions have shady backgrounds, as much as the pirates, so many things could be revealed in a DS connected to Valencia world.

  2. Hmmm.. very interesting, we may see Dragonspyre soon, I wonder if DS will be part of the Armada Epic (yeah, I don't count it as a arc anymore because it is more than 50 levels), for example our mother knew Vadima and she gave/trusted Vadima with the piece and hiding it so Vadima hid it in Dragonspyre before the war in Dragonspyre. So our pirate is sent to get this before the Armada (this is the last piece to El Dorado) and in the end we find the chest with the last piece but (in a little epic finale video of Dragonspyre) lava breaks through a wall behind the chest and devours it right as Kane walks in; I don't want to say the rest, but I will email it if you want to know.


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