September 18, 2013

Devereaux Meets Solitude: Revisiting the Ranch

I made new friends on my visit to Solitude
Yesterday, I was side-questing in Cool Ranch, my favorite part of the Spiral. As I sailed through Tumbleweed, I looked through my sidequests for any places that I hadn't visited. There were two "blips" on my quest log: McGee Mine and Solitude. With a grin and a few hotkeys, I set sail for what ended up as a few of my favorite Cool Ranch destinations.

I stopped first in McGee Mine. I wasn't sure where to look on my map, so I started looking with my quest helper first. I didn't believe what I was seeing - was McGee Mine inside a cyclone? Indeed it was!

That bit of sky at the top of the swirly bit is the Cool Ranch sky at the top of the cyclone! McGee Mine is composed of unused railroads with chicken miners standing around. It seems like a mine that may be in business but not necessarily bustling or new.

Devereaux peers over the pitiful mine, biting her lower
lip in empathy. She knows the toil the chicken miners face and their
false hopes of escape from the cyclone. Still, she isn't willing
to let a host of feathery locals aboard her ship. 
After running through the single-battle mine, I sailed straight into Solitude. Solitude was a place in the Ranch that I always supposed that I'd get to. However, as I quested and quested, I didn't ever stumble upon it nor McGee. It turned out that I needed to visit Dan Drake in Tumbleweed to help him search for Burly's gold. I've since lost the quest dialogue, but the prose just might be enough to get you going if you're in for a treasure hunt worth a nice badge and crowns companion. At last, I was off to Solitude!

 Solitude features a crashed ship. As of yet, I have no idea what it's all about. I'm thinking that it was the ship of the gold-holder. Burly? Like I said, I lost the quest dialogue. Still, people around the Spiral want to see what's inside this ship, and I do, too! Debris lies everywhere on the island and the buffaloons have since taken the island over.

There were two battles in the Solitude instance. Both of them spoil so much that I'm afraid to tell you all. What I will say, though, is that they're hilariously placed and are tons of fun when you're a higher level. It was great to soak these worlds up along with the dialogue and the story.

Travel to Solitude and McGee Mine sometime, won't you? Let me know how you like it.

Devereaux Meets Solitude

It was the strand of sky
Reaching in
To assure escape to the lone swashbuckler
Scaling the cliffs of the mine.
It was Solitude awaiting 
and the splintery air from the broken hull
that drew Devereaux in
If not only the gold. 
She pushes past the buffaloons 
A Dixie Chick waddling past 
"This one's for you, Zeke," she grumbles
The dust recoloring her mood. 

Keep Traveling!

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