September 2, 2013

Da Finchi's Wings, Pt. II: Laboratory of a Madman

Ahoy! Welcome to another segment of Da Finchi's wings. First of all, I'd like to thank you all for the positive feedback on my previous post, "A Key to the Clockworks". The first person to respond was a messageboards poster by the name of Anne Radcliffe. Anne - a long time friend and fellow fan-fiction author - suggested that I look into Spoke B of Beachhead in order to find more proof of my theory regarding "Leonard da Finchi" (Or Lenny Finch, as another friend suggested) as the true identity of the Toymaker.
Today, I ran through Spoke B. There, I found quite a few interesting bits and bobs of da Vinci's creations and theories. Let's take a look.
The Blackboard of Nerdiness (and other contraptions)

And yes, that is its name as of your reading of this line. One of the first thing that caught my eye in the Laboratory was a blackboard covered in mathematical drawings.

Unfortunately, I cannot name these diagrams even though I recognize a few. If you can name and explain any of these diagrams, please let me know. 

Following this was a table off all clockwork birds. From this and the puppet show, there is no doubt that these were captured by the Armada and given to Bishop to tinker with. This makes me think; If the pirates roaming Valencia weren't as taken care of as the clockwork birds were (Because pirates can't fly away from you on their own), then the clockworks are as well mystified by the Toymaker, but for reasons concerning their origins. I doubt the Armada realizes this yet. 

On my way towards the sundial machines, I stumbled upon this smattering of papers on the wall. While I have yet to analyze the larger one on the right (of the left), one diagram is repeated over and over. That diagram is of da Vinci's flying machine, or at least a replica of it. See this image below. 

I also found a replica of da Vinci's ornithopter near the magical lantern. 


This proves that the Armada, created from Leonard da Finchi's tinkerings, has sprouted a curiosity regarding their own origin. Thus, they begin collecting specimens of contraptions whose engineering seems to be similar to theirs. At the same time, we're trying to decode them through da Finchi himself, following the Armada very closely. Da Finchi was very clever as to not instill knowledge of their creator onto the Armada, very well knowing that when things got out of hand, he would become slave to the clockworks' ideas. However, he did build them as he was built - smart and cunning - in order to satisfy his employer's needs. The real question is, though, who is the employer? How did da Finchi get around it yet is now being framed on this very blog for the creation of the Armada? Am I the only one with a massive headache from that? Discover more with me in the next segment of Da Finchi's Wings, only on Destiny's Travels. 

Keep Traveling!


  1. Interesting, very interesting, good job with finding out, I would be surprised if you are correct because the Toymaker and the maker of The Armada could be anyone.

  2. Heh. Makes me think the next chapter in Valencia will be the Da Finchi Code.

    It's interesting how the Armada are wondering about their origins.

    Also, I think the flying machine looks like the Armada Skiff that Swordroll posted a while back in Concept101.

    I would be happy to see a Part 3! Keep it up!
    -Evan Silver

  3. Well, concerning a couple of figures on the 'Blackboard of Nerdiness'
    1) The spiral seems to be a 'Golden Spiral' (I think also called a Bernoulli spiral), a spiral that increases from within itself (classically, like a Nautilus shell, through a Fibonacci sequence)

    2) If the inner figure of the cube is curved (I think so, but can't quite make it out), then it is like a cubic soap bubble -- the minimal lines of force built upon a cubic frame outside the bubble.

  4. Oh, and for the squared circle, I found this interesting quote from the Classical Greek playwright, Aristophanes: "Measures, to plot the sky... until at length the circle has been squared, and in the midst a marketplace is set, from which the streets are drawn, to radiate from a star, the beams of which, itself a circle, shine straight forth to every point."

    Usually I would think that a lovely image, but... not in the hands of the Armada!

  5. Rick from Google+ says that the cube image is called a "hypercube" and is used to demonstrate a cube in more than three dimensions.

    Anne, I'm using more and more of your ideas. Could you e-mail me sometime so we can discuss the da Finchi theory and things? swashbucklersoultamer @ gmail . com

    Evan, I'm actually starting to read the da Vinci code just about of fascination. This series may see a reboot in a month or two. Unfortunately, this may be the last part for a little while as I gather more information.


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