Connections to Cool Ranch: The Wreck of the Zephyr

Shortly after my Solitude/McGee runs, I decided to clear up a quest that I had picked up along the way. During my travels in Cool Ranch, I often wondered why nobody was using the advanced rail system set up all around. There is a train station in Cooper's Roost that is home to a few bandits, and Junction now only serves as a passage to the canyon. One of my sidequests seemed to start clearing things up...

Thackary Evans is the Name!

From what Mr. Evans said, the Zephyr was the pride and joy of Marleybone's finest engineers. As the craft made its way to the Ranch, I suspect that rail became a major source of transportation for many of the locals. However, the crash of the Zephyr scared away enough so that the rail system was never used again. It was later found that the Zephyr had been composed of parts that weren't as reliable as they seemed, so said Professor Murgatroyd down in the canyon. I could practically smell an IRL connection...

The Wing-ed, Wild West

Over the year, I've always thought of the concept of Cool Ranch to be a play on the Westward Expansion of the United States. I've always been interested in this subject, and I connected Cool Ranch immediately to the era of the Trans-Continental Railroad and the settling of Native American reservations. I thus began research on train wrecks in an attempt to find the connection to this crash.

After some research, I began to center in on the Eden train wreck of 1904. As the Wikipedia states, the No. 11 Missouri Pacific Flyer was crossing the Dry Creek arroyo bridge near Pueblo, Colorado when a flash flood swept it off. Parts of the train were left in the riverbank, covered in sand for later recovery.

What does the Eden train wreck have to do with Cool Ranch? Let's take a look.

  • 1904 - In the year 1904, rail usage was in a boom as many rails began functioning in both the USA and Europe. This was also the time of settlement in western USA. 
  • Dry Creek Arroyo Bridge - In my opinion, this just made sense. The Arroyo Grande in Pirate101 is technically an arroyo - or a small, drying river - in comparison to the canyon around it. 
  • Pueblo, Colorado - Did you know that Pueblo, Colorado was the home of famous Old Western figure Bat Masterson? Yep, you heard me...This means that the events are almost guaranteed to be related. 
  • The Eden train wreck - The crash of the Zephyr, as crashing over the P101 Arroyo, represents the Eden train wreck and is a major point in the development of the Cool Ranch railroads. 

So, What's Next?

As you may know, I love connecting historical events to Pirate101 and trying to put together a future from those. After the Eden train wreck of 1904, the bridge that had been partially destroyed had been repaired and put back to use within 24 hours. Even though the Cool Ranch rail system was taken out immediately, causing others to be so distraught as to avoid the rail system, is there a future for Cool Ranch rail? Considering that the problem in this case was faulty metal parts, will further dealing with Marleybonian problems put the rails back in service? If there's one thing that I want to wrap up in Cool Ranch, this has to be it. 

I'll be doing more speculation on happenings in Cool Ranch as I venture further into the sidequests. Do you have any ideas? Suggestions? Add-ons to this post? Let me know in the comments below. 

As always, Keep Traveling! Maybe you'll find something along the way. 


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