August 29, 2013

Wizards on Wyverns, Pirates on Wheels: Keeping Mounts "Real"

On Tuesday, Pirate101 released a Gryphon mount to celebrate the final week of Arrrgust! With people saying that it was wonderfully detailed and an interesting ride, I began to think a little about where the mounts in Pirate101 were going.

Oh, great; Another one of Destiny's babbles!

Wizards on Wyverns

In spirit of my wizardy past, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WIZARD101! I was just a few months off of getting a mount for myself if I were to redeem for it. As I look back on Wizard101 mounts, I can conclude that mounts as a topic have seen good and bad. Personally, I'm a fan of the humbler mounts - or perhaps just the originals - like the broomsticks (Can I start calling them prehistoric, now?) and the horses. Once mounts started getting bigger, I developed  a distaste for them and their strengths in blocking my view and generating lag. Now that's it's been a few years of mounts, they've changed in so many different ways, bringing so much variety to the Spiral, that it's overwhelming.
I'm not a person of many choices, so I switched to Pirate101, where things were just getting started.

Pirates on Wheels 

To clear this up, I own both the Pennyfarthing and the Clockwork Wings. When I say "Pirates on Wheels", I mean that unless something drastic happens in the game, we won't be seeing an Arcus Cloud or Fairy Wings anywhere in the skies. The thing that makes our (mostly) magically disabled pirates' methods of transportation so special is that they're all clever enough to be developed by non-magical properties and have to make at least some scientific sense. Even those that are questionable, like the wings, work in a way that a person could easily develop even without success in using it to fly. In theory, one could put together wood and canvas and wear them folded. (I'm actually a really, truly horrible woodworker, so this isn't
coming any time soon.)

Making Sense of It

As I said before - Pirate mounts are unique because many of them could work if we brought back the dinosaurs and Leonardo Da Vinchi. Wizard mounts defy many laws of physics and logic, thus making them perfectly suitable for any magical mastermind. Mounts cater to their own games and liven them up in very special ways. There is no doubt that some mounts from Wizard101 will stop in the Skyways. The horses, Gryphons, and Pegasi did. Mounts from Pirate101 crossing into Wizard101, however, may not happen. Is it because they make just too much sense for the game? Doesn't that defy the purpose of this paragraph?

Keeping Mounts "Real"

With things finally making some sense, I'm concerned that the less sensible W101 mounts will land in P101 just as many things have already. The wonderful aspect of a steampunk pirate game is that the mounts are ultimately created to transport steampunk pirates. The "originals" have done quite well; Wings for the steampunk, horses for the pirate. (To combine the two, we were given ships.) As demand for crowns-spending increases with the P101 player base, the thought of the clear differences of Wizard101 and Pirate101 mounts fading away is troubling. I logged on for a new taste of things, but I'm starting to see less and less of that. Don't let me get started on the pets. 

Keep Traveling! --Des
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  1. That's a really good point, Destiny. I hadn't thought of it before, but I agree: the most magical and fanciful mounts should be for our Wizards, and the more 'real', vaguely historical (no cars, though, too modern) mounts for our Pirates. There's still plenty of scope for imagination, like a land-skiff such as Phineas Fogg devises to cross the American prairies, etc. Though I would still love an adorable siren pet for both my Pirate and Wizard!


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