August 13, 2013

Twice Around the Spiral - Second Blogoversary

Dear Traveler
You've read from me
A pirate's tale -
or two or three. 
And twice around
I am a-comin' 
And newer spells
I have a-summoned

I write this on sunny August 9th - four days premature to my blogoversary, when the general audience will be reading this message. It's a shame that I cannot join you today, but as they say, the show simply must go on, whether celebrated early or not.
Originally, I intended to hold a Pirate101 party to celebrate my Travels - the first party which I have ever hosted - but things more important than my life as a pirate blogger have come up, thus forcing me to schedule a post in. I don't want to trouble anyone with a party "right here, right now". Though I'm disappointed, there is much to be addressed in the following paragraphs regarding how Travels has grown.
8/12: I'll be around all morning to answer e-mail and clear final matters up before I get going. Leaving at 11:30 PST.
My Roots

One of my first pictures. 
Destiny's Travels started as A Thaumaturge's Thoughts (though not really) in year 2011. I was inspired chiefly by my growing Wizard-time and The Friendly Necromancer - not uncommon for many of us. I posted a few times, then simply grew uninterested in blogging and closed it down without notice. I hadn't gained any followers, though I had promoted to the point of landing on TFN's blogroll. The next year, I began playing Wizard101 again and I - by chance - stumbled upon TFN's site again. I thought to myself, "Why don't I give this another try?"
At that time, I had grown substantially as a writer, just as I have in the past year and especially in 2013. I promised myself to have a better blog than what I had before. Still liking the old blog's title, I created Travels of the Thaumaturge. The name stuck for a little while. I learned what graphic editing was (and just how bad I was at it) and the art of writing fan-fiction. Before long, I changed the name to something more versatile - Destiny's Travels, having gotten sick of the "the" in my old title. Shortly after, Pirate101 came out.
The time of P101 being released launched a whole new level of speculation when it came to my blog posts. I was in between different scenarios involving my image on the community. Who was I - a blogger? Site administrator? Lunatic pirate?
My latest picture to-date. Pretty, right?
In October, I decided to set my heart - and ultimately my entire platform - on being a fan-fiction author and pirate blogger. It has turned out very well, if I do say so myself. Deciding to refine my image and my footprint, I closed my Skype account and shut off other connections in order to pursue my dreams.
It was around that time that I learned something entirely different, however - something that I don't think I would have learned without many special individuals. That was the real McCoy of blogging - friendship and fun. In my posts, I've found myself a little too focused on articles and mish-mosh and gradually forgetting to log in once and while to just mess around. Camp NaNoWriMo season came along, and I set some time aside for my own writerly musings. It was from then that I began to truly appreciate those around me. On the list are:

  • Talon Thunderblade - Though his last blog post has long passed through the community, Talon Thunderblade was one of the first followers and fans of this site. I owe a great deal to him in kindness and friendship. Best wishes to you, Piano Man, wherever you are now.
  • Blaze Shadowhorn - Heck, he was around when A Thaumaturge's Thoughts was being posted! Blaze has been there from the very beginning and I wouldn't be where I am today without his kind words and friendly support. Blaze is, as I have repeatedly said, a brother to me.
  • Swordroll - Need I say more? Swordroll, the dedicated and downright brilliant blogger, has been my partner-in-piracy for a very long time, now. With his witty humor and wise bloggerisms, my strength in article writing (and joke coming-up-with) has increased ten-fold.
  • Emma Dawnrider - So, which one of you lunatics stuck around while I was in Camp NaNo? Emma did! Emma Dawnrider runs a wonderful blog and has been a very good friend of mine for a while, now. I wish her all the best in submitting her novel.
  • Cass, Evan, and Zach - Where would I be without all of you? Cass, Evan, and Zach, among others, have sent me gracious e-mails regarding my pirates and my blog. Because of them, I have constantly been reminded how much fun being in this community is. 
  • Anne, Chrissy, Highlander, and all the Rest of You on the Messageboards - The Messageboards and those who make it up are like a home and family. Though you are newer friends, I'm just as thankful for you all. Blessings, giggles, Yum, and FOOD for all!
The invaluable lessons learned from this community and my experience blogging (as a whole) will continue to benefit me just as I hope my writing will benefit you. If you've read today, any day, or will in two days, too, I thank you, for you have kept me going all this time. You have been the rungs in the ladder to success, and I grasp your thoughts and reflections as my blog depends on them. By today, I will have an estimated 25,800 views and fifty wonderful followers - wacky, wonderful, wizardey-piratey YOU.

Keep Traveling
is all you need
for when you win
or face defeat.
A shorter name has called in need
Just call me Des -
For friends we'll be.


  1. *interwebz hug*

    Congratulations on two years!! Always great to see you posting and writing - NaNo lunatics forever! Thanks for the wishes of luck (storm lord knows I need it lol).
    I found it a funny that I listening to 'Some Nights' (FUN) while reading and it was just the greatest vibe on this side of the screen.

    You're a great friend too, and may you blog and travel another year!

  2. *interwebz glomp* I really appreciate you, Emma! :) I love Some Nights.

  3. Avalon's HighlanderAugust 13, 2013

    -lifts a container of homemade raspberry pomegranate tea and holds out a chocolate cake with chocolate bark surrounding it and rasoberries circling the edges- Des! Congrats on two years of blogging! May there be MANY more! -smiles and winks-

    As for mentioning me, I treat everyone on those boards like family. You, Chrissy, Anne, and Scarlet especially. You're all like my sisters! -happy face-

    Anyway, congratulations on the two years you've been blogging. I'll be following and traveling with you. -salutes and tips hat-


  4. :)
    Wow! I didn't expect to be mentioned! Great job destiny and keep traveling!

    I remember Travels of the Thaumaturge ;)
    -Evan Silver Shadow


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