Rise of the Star-Arrow Swashbuckler: The Origin of DSD

This is an origin story  highlighting the childhood of my pirate. I'm in the process of creating an alternate ending for my character in order for her to turn out as Destiny Soultamer, but that's for another hour.

In a time where pirates roamed the skies just as they did today,  wolves dominated the open air as bears took control of the land, thus leaving the highlands to the ravens all in distant Grizzleheim. There on the shores lived three wolves, still learning to sail and fish. Each of them carried their own weapon, granted by their respective fathers. Erik, the lankiest of the three, carried a set of bone daggers, all stored on his belt. Brynn had earned her way into the pack by brute force, weilding a massive tree branch with carved barbs and sharpened ends to aid her in magical ponderings. Normally sitting closer to the other end of the ship was Steinar, who sharpened and crafted his own arrows.
It was during this time that a human child ran the shores of Grizzleheim, panting and laughing in glee. She ran into the wind, frequent steps carrying her far. If asked both then and today where she had come from and how she had gotten to Grizzleheim, the child wouldn't know.
Erik was the first to see the child on the shoal.
"There!" he barked, "Do you see what I see, Steinar?"
"I see," Steinar laughed, putting his arrows down. He stepped away from the shelter which he had been sleeping in and stodd next to Erik under the star-filled sky.
"It's a human child," Brynn murmured without turning, "Lost. We should let Harold know before anything comes of it." Erik nodded. Though Harold had risen to the high position of Skeppare in the wolf pack, he had little tolerance for intruders. Like Brynn, Skeppare Harold was a gifted witchdoctor. Erik rushed out to intercept the Skeppare, for he was the fastest. The child ran on, oblivious as to whose land she tread upon. The child halted at the sight of a great wisp of light swirling through the sky in a multitude of color and brightness. Brynn and Steinar recognized the wisp of light as one of the Skeppare's conjurings, escapable if outrun.
"We must call the child," Steinar murmured, "But by what name would be call her by? Surely she doesn't understand our native tongue." Steinar thought for a moment, "Young drang! Run from the light!" The child turned, confused as to what she had been called.
"That light," Brynn recollected, for she was the wisest, "The light which the Skeppare conjured is attracted to sheer fate only twinged by the Skeppare's intentions. For that, she is fate – Destiny, if I may. Destiny Drang!" The child turned, recognizing her own first name.
"She's not going to run," Brynn concluded, "She thinks the light is a friend. Steinar, do something!" Steinar, for he was very lucky, loaded his longbow with a hand-crafted star arrow, infused with the magics of the skies which he held so dearly. He shot once into the light and it split, making way for Erik to run in and prompt the child to run alongside him. The child – Destiny – kept a steady pace and made it to the others just as quickly as Erik could have ever mustered.
"Where did you come from, young one?" Erik laughed, "You sure are fast." The child shrugged.
"If you didn't have a home," Brynn said, "Then we shall teach you our ways and one day you will find it."
In the following years, Brynn taught the young pirate her lengths of wisdom. Erik taught her to fight and be stealthy in her actions, thus shaping Destiny into a competent swashbuckler. Though Destiny wasn't very good at shooting arrows, Steinar passed on a little bit of his lucky strokes when it came to desperate situations, thus supplying the pirate with the strength of chance.
Soon, she – under the instruction of the others – stole away on a skiff on her way to a farther-off land. Since then, she has been searching for her home. Upon arriving at the island, the pirate quickly switched her suffix to Devereaux in order not to attract attention, though she will respond to Drang in the wink of an eye. As a keepsake of her foster family, the Star-Arrow Swashbuckler has kept Steinar's magical arrowhead around her neck. She intends to return to Grizzleheim one day and call it her home after all her searching.