August 5, 2013

Lost 5k of Novel

Hey, you guys. My file is corrupt and I lost a great deal of my novel. Unfortunately, this means that I'll once again be taking some time off of Travels to be replacing what I have lost. Losing this much of my novel comes with great sorrow and hardship and I would like you all to please understand why I'm so distressed. I'll be gone for perhaps a week, as I won't be returning until it's all put back together. Wishing you all the best.


8/5: 54,278 to 55,200
8/6: I have come to the knowledge that I will not be blogging at all next week, and I am thus removing my until-I'm-back-up hiatus for the rest of this week. Sorry about that, everyone!


  1. Avalon's HighlanderAugust 05, 2013

    Oh nooooooo! I'm so sorry Des -hugs- I understand completely. I wish you luck with replacing the parts of your novel and I will see you in the Spiral.


  2. D:Oh the horror!! I feel you, I'm so sorry! As Highlander said, the best of luck and writing. Maybe you'll write it even better, but it's always hard. [But always] Keep writing!!

  3. Thanks, Emma! I have plans for a few good scenes made better. ;)

    Highlander Emma, thanks for you, too. I'm just pushing through. (P-please don't ask me where your latest batch of creme brulees went, I p-p-promise I had nothing to do with it, nothing!)

  4. Oh, Destiny, how very frustrating! I really feel for you. It's been awful when I've lost data, though losing part of your novel is worse. (though in the real life of Molecular Biology I did chase down the wrong gene for three years... but I learned a lot and had quick success after) The story is still inside you, and I know you will make it work. Best of luck to you


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