Five Things I Love About Stormgate Pirates

Looking for a fun way to snatch up prizes? How about a Rune Translator? Even if you're just in for the fan-fiction, Stormgate Pirates is the way to go! The sister site of the famous Legends of the Spiral, Stormgate Pirates was created to feature KI's newer game and currently ranks as an official fansite. Today, I'll be exploring the site and listing five of my favorite features and what I think of them. Let's go!

1) Profile Options and the Quest Help System

One thing that I find interesting about SGP is how the profile options, while controlled and pirate-related, will vary from person-to-person with a good chance of being almost unique from one another. One can put in details about their main pirate (class, level), where they're questing, and if they would like some help. From what I've seen, a user who needs help in an area will generate a green announcement box on the tops of pages with the help details. People will "RSVP" the event and start helping, which I find very interesting. I'll be sure to utilize this feature when I get back to questing.

2) Friendly Staff Members

If the profile made me smile, then the staff definitely made me stick around! Composed of the owner, administrators, and moderators, SGP's staff does their job with expert precision in promoting contests, planning parties, and being overall nice people through social media. Because of staff members like Crimson Jack, I've been opened up to plenty of options with my fan-fiction through SGP. They're the reason why Destiny in Aquila has grown as much as it has in the past few weeks. I feel confident in asking questions, even if I feel like I should know better. All I have to do is comment or shoot a PM and wait for a friendly and helpful response.

3) Contest Options

At the Maxwell Maze Challenge,
one of the many interesting skill contests on SGP
There's something for everybody! Whether you feel luckier picking images or entering in a raffle, Stormgate Pirates hosts several options for bringing in the pirately loot. Raffles occur monthly and are accessible on the top of the home page. Other pick-an-item type contests also occur monthly, with special events like Stinky Pirates and Fruitcake Frenzy occurring upon occasion. One can also compete in skill challenges like the Maxwell Maze and that one riddle-based event for prizes and a galleon-load of fun. Contests on SGP not only bring the gold in, but they bring the pirates together, too - just don't touch my lucky blue porter!

4) Fan-Fiction

I honestly couldn't find a way to leave this out. One of the more advanced creativity outlets available on Stormgate Pirates is the fan-fiction section. One can write up their own story and post chapters through their SGP account. Stories can receive comments and "thumbs-up"s in hopes of making it onto the hot reads list located to the right of the stories. Just like the contests, there is reading material for everyone. Whether you want to stop by for Destiny in Aquila and my growing list of fairy-tale style one-chapter stories or are looking forward to the laid-back and funny pages of Dark Side and its teenage heroes, reading material is everywhere. I definitely recommend this section if you have an extra ten or twenty minutes to read.

5) Photo Albums, Rune Translator, and more!

Packed into number five are the other creativity outlets available on SGP. The photo albums, hosted by Plogger, are fun ways to document a pirate's journey through pictures or post supplementary images for a bit of fan-fiction as I am now. Pirate101 graphic edits and renders can be found in several albums, while others are dedicated to interesting shots.
The Rune Translator, a popular feature on Legends of the Spiral, is also available on Stormgate Pirates. I'm not exactly sure as to what language this is, but I'm sure that if I ask, and answer is sure to come up. Legends does a wonderful job - once again - creating a fun and easy-to-use translator that can take text and change it into whatever text the translator supports. It is by far one of the most fun ways to spend an extra few minutes for a unique perspective on things.

If you would like to add me as a friend on Stormgate Pirates, my username is D.S. Devereaux. Take some time to browse through the pages and find what interests you most. Then, sail on back here and let me know what you liked most!

Keep Traveling!