August 31, 2013

Da Finchi's Wings: The Key to the Clockworks?

What if I told you that my investigation on time period and world placement in Pirate101 may solve the mystery of the Valencian Clockwork Armada? What if, through the art and invention of a Renaissance mastermind, that solution was right at our fingertips? Today, we're going to take a look at one of Europe's greatest artists and perhaps stumble upon what may be the key to the clockworks at last.

Leonardo da Vinci and Pirate101

In the heart of the Italian Renaissance, where, art, engineering, and architecture made a second debut into history, there lived a mastermind by the name of Leonardo da Vinci. Living from 1452 to 1519 - to the age of 67 - da Vinci's creations are known internationally for their cleverness and beauty.
However, while paging through an article, I came across a few facts relating to da Vinci's engineering genius, including but not limited to shoes that could walk on water and clockwork wings. While the shoes sounded pretty interesting (and I'll be looking at them on my own later), I was more interested in the wings, due to the fact that I owned a pair myself. Now, compare these two pictures:

While the top picture is my often-used profile picture, there is an obvious similarity between the styles of the wings in both pictures. This is because da Vinci's wings were developed in Italy, the parallel location to Valencia, and during the Renaissance period, where Valencia is now. Because the wings were those of Valencian Battle Angels, one may make a connection. It's obvious that with more research, one may be able to find more parts of the clockworks integrated. 
Now, take a look at this next picture. When assigned by Ludovico Sforza in 1487, da Vinci created a sort of tank that would easily roll right into enemy territory while keeping soldiers safe.

Upon close inspection, I was able to draw connections between da Vinci's tanks and the fortresses, strongholds, and dreadnaughts located around the spiral. they are built in similar fashions and serve similar purposes with some amount of success.  However, just as we pirates find our ways into the fortresses and take them out one by one, da Vinci built flaws and weaknesses into the tanks with his loathing of war. If built according to the plans, parts would cancel each other out, and damp conditions make the wheels defective.

Clockwork Birds and the Toymaker

This leads me to my next point. Leonardo's love of flight combined with his mechanical studies would make way for my next point - mechanical birds. With theories buzzing through the community on the purposes of the birds, Pirate101 content concluded that the birds weren't exactly created by the Armada but by a mysterious toymaker. Because of the mechanical birds tying into da Vinci's favored subjects, it can be concluded that this mysterious toymaker (Who I have affectionately named Leonard da Finchi) has a part in the clockwork armada. However, since there were obvious flaws in da Vinci's tanks and the skyway fortresses, it can be concluded that this toymaker is most definitely a friend to us and is working under some other force to be battled later on the plot and storyline. 

Who is this Leonard da Finchi? He's a birdbrained genius, that's what. 

Keep Traveling! --Des

There are many sources which I do wish to credit in this post. However, due to some of the content in the articles which I used, I cannot publish the links here. For the list of credits, please contact me at swashbucklersoultamer @ gmail . com. Please view with parental supervision if you are under the age of 13. 


  1. Hi Destiny, a fun post! Certainly Leonardo da Vinci is an important inspiration for the devices of Valencia. Take a look around Bishop's lab in Beachhead, and you will see more da Vinci inspired drawings and prototypes, including da Vinci's idea of a helicopter.

  2. WOW! This is a must-read, and I can only feel sorry for those who won't stumble upon this post.

    This has me imagining the Toymaker to be a da Vinci character, but I'd go so far as to say he built the Armada (which you implied), and that's how he knows the secrets of how to destroy them.

    Of course, he never meant for it to get as out-of-hand as it is now, but no one else planned for it, either.

    I can't wait to hear about what else you've discovered!

  3. Anne,

    Thanks for pointing that out! I mean to do a Beachhead run sometime soon, and I'll be writing a followup post with those drawings as soon as I can.


    Thank you for the gracious comment; It truly made my evening! It's true that da Finchi's creations got out of hand, and I'm thinking that they worked around an obvious flaw in the process of it, thus lengthening the storyline. All I can say is that I anticipate a few particularly annoying defeat/collect quests in the future. Thank you again for the comment AND the Twitter mention!


  4. wow, great post! Very informative and shows that you know a lot about this subject! And I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Talon Moone, or Talon Nightshade. How has it been this last year? :D

  5. Talon! Of course I remember you. Check your inbox, as I sent you an update. Good to know you're still alive. :)


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