Conspiracies with Destiny: Captain Avery

If Pirate101 is a chessboard, then who owns all the pieces, slowly letting them be captured and recruited to the enemy's side? Who polishes the board and makes for safe travels to the other side, while only preparing hidden forces to take out any crowned pawns? If the pirates are the pawns, then it's no doubt that their trickstery captain is behind all of this.

Yes, you heard me right -- this is D.S. Devereaux, reporting in with yet another halfway thought-out theory.*

For 65 levels, pirates of every class have reported to Captain Avery for their new adventures and orders. Whether it's sailing around and bashing anything that gets in our paths or delivering a letter (with a twist), Avery isn't concerned at all. It is implied that you alone are the only pirate that he is taking in to defeat the Armada. I understand that Avery is a ruthless pirate king, but he seems to be a little more ahead of the game than any of us would have expected.
Take Fin Dorsal, for example. It seems pretty shifty that Avery keeps trusting this shark and then sending our pirates out to take him down. Fin has proved to be an opponent capable of  our pirates' demises if it weren't for  our companions and correct timing. Avery has a faculty of capable pirates and entire island to hunt Fin down. Who does he tell and send? Us. Yes - the pirates who are busy with a bajillion other things.
Other things, you say? When I say other things, I mean all the other things that Avery's assigned us to do. He seems to know how to get us in a pickle when it comes to delivering letters. Not only has he landed us in a game of cat, mouse, and dinosaur (considering Kane), but he's downright humiliated our pirates when it came to the Monquista mission.
Now think about this - We've slowly dismantled the clockwork army in order to get closer to Kane himself and El Dorado. What did Avery want from us in the first place? He wanted the map piece. Avery didn't care about much else except for them, and considering how he practically uses the pirates to get whatever he wants, he'll want to take the Spiral over, too.
Why is that? Well, Avery settled on Skull Island as the safe pirate haven. However, as the Armada slowly gets into the island (see the second Fin arc), this 'pirate haven' isn't so safe any more. With the Armada taken out, Skull Island will quickly move in as a massive power in the Spiral, thus giving Captain Avery way for domination. As usual, he will rip us off.

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*DISCLAIMER: Besides those listed, I have absolutely no information to back myself up. As said in the title, this is indeed a half-planned theory that just sounded interesting but isn't very likely to happen. Nitpicking my entire essay won't do much good as I know much of what there is to be nitpicked. If you must do so, do it with courtesy and kindness.


  1. Sounds like Avery all right, he ripped us off with that raft in the beginning of the game but he did give us the other pair of those pistols (forget the name) but if Avery takes it over then where will we go if he rips us off?

  2. Correction, we will go to Marleybone probably sense we are (SPOILER ALERT!) part of the secret branch when we go back to Marleybone with the Rosetta Stone.

  3. And yes, Avery uses our pirates ruthlessly, but as far as Fin goes... I think there must have been a long-standing history between Avery and Fin, possibly service and even friendship, which makes it hard for Avery to completely give up on Fin.

  4. MIND = BLOWN. That's it. No more comments from me here. My mind has been blown.


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