August 24, 2013

Blog of Note Submissions - OPEN!

Are you a Wizard101 and/or Pirate101 blogger?
How about a fan-artist with a social media page?
Fan-fiction writer?

A year or two ago, I had an idea for myself as a new blogger: Be interviewed! While I haven't yet gotten this opportunity, I have granted that wish to many new and aspiring bloggers in this community through my post segment called "Blog of Note". Are you a community member looking for readership, word-spreading, and traffic? Read on!
Blog of Note is a blog segment created to help promote community members and their works. I post one every few months, though I want to bring that up to once or twice a month. It is open to community members who have a talent to share, such as:

Public Speaking (Youtube, Podcasts, etc.)
Wiki-style Projects
Community Website Administration
And many more - I'd love to see photographers - if you want to see if I could throw something together, just ask!

The name "Blog of Note" is from the first few segments highlighting bloggers. I'll change the title as needed (Blogger of Note, Arrtist of Note, Podcast of Note, etc).

The process of Blog of Note would be a series of e-mails. First, either you or I will e-mail the other and propose a Blog of Note. I'd send along options for a five to ten question written interview (YT, Podcasts, and to whom it may concern - written interview.) OR - new! - a possible guest post. Once that's cleared up, I'll quickly discuss design options for the post (applies to artists/photographers/writers) and plan an in-game meetup. If an in-game meetup can't be achieved, then I'll simply post a picture of the Blogger of Note's in-game pictures of their characters.

The post of the talent (filled with backlinks) will be posted within a week of the interview, depending on what I have planned currently. The post will remain on the top of the page for at minimum two full days from posting time. Furthermore, a link to the post will be put on the "Blog of Note" page on the pages bar.

To apply for this opportunity, contact me at swashbucklersoultamer @ gmail . com! Be sure to include your in-game name (mains from both games if needed) and community alias on top of your link and what you want to be known for in the post. Please no real-life or account information; I don't want to know it!

Want to read a few Blog of Note posts? Check out this page!

Keep Traveling!

DISCLAIMER: I reserve the right to deny acceptance to a Blog of Note proposal. Regardless of all else, I will reject any blogs/pages/users with a history of public swearing, graphic images, or any content not safe for young children. Limited to Wizard101/Pirate101 related content. I do not appreciate it if you push my efforts, as I try very hard to make sure you get more traffic on your site. The TARDIS is parked in my front yard. 


  1. the Tardis is parked in your front yard! Are you having tea with The Doctor, Destiny?

  2. I don't know where I am. I don't know where I am. I don't know where I am. I don't know where I am.

    :) Glad you found the reference. In fact, the Doctor himself says hello - he's got quite the story to tell!

  3. Avalon's HighlanderAugust 24, 2013

    Hehe, Doctor Who!!!!

    Anyway, this sounds fun and I'm glad you're starting this back up. Ah, I loved reading over the interviews you'd do! :)

    Good luck with this!


  4. I like your new header (lol completely off topic...)
    Have a jammy dodger. ;)

    It was really fun being a Blog of Note! Glad you're opening it back up! :)

  5. Omnomnom...that wasn't the self-destruct, was it?

    It's always been open. Nobody's asked, though.

  6. No takers!?! Nooo I must not be shy... *looks around awkwardly* Well then, I guess-
    Shy Emma: Don't do it don't do it! *pulls on arm*
    Go away. Ok, here I go!


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