Mid-NaNo Update!

Ahoy! I intended to write and publish this post next week, but with all the recent happenings, I'm not only doing it now, but I'm getting a head-start the night before. Why? For one, there are tons of updates needed to be shared on Travels regarding things like posts, fan-fiction, and Camp NaNoWriMo. For another, I've missed you all so much that I just needed to check in. Are you ready for this?

Good, thought you were.

Camp NaNoWriMo

So far, things Camp-wise have been going smoothly. With a low word-goal only requiring 650 words a day, I am comfortably nestled in the writing atmosphere while keeping a few other things at bay. See, another reason why I took July off was because I considered 650 words a day to be less time-consuming than a well-thought-out post every other day. This July has proven to be one of my busiest.
In my novel, if you'd like to know, I've started to move my cast of characters out of their safe haven and back towards Elias' home of Centercreek Bridge. After reuniting with Zinnia, Randall, and Evan - friends now infected with some odd disease called the Ash -, Elias has a sneaking suspicion that his brother may know the answer. However, Elias is taking a serious risk returning to Centercreek not only with his local friend, but with Zinnia and a few other less local comrades. Being away from civilization is starting to prove its effects, from not knowing how to talk to having problems reading books. I'm currently at 52,000 out of 64,000 words. I started this camp at 44,000 words total.

Messageboards Get-Together!

You may have noticed a post last Saturday featuring pictures from some get-together that I typed in very little about. What had happened was that a party was planned just to get together in-game. I decided to attend and set aside some time for the event. Many P101 messageboards icons were present, as well as several others who I met at last. After a few rounds in the Brawlin' Hall, the party went to my house. I quickly organized a PvP tournament! Congratulations, Anne!

Dungeons and Dragons

What if I said that I had another gaming blog? - just let it sink in. For the past month or so, I've been learning to play the uber-complex game of Dungeons and Dragons! Once a week, I'll post updates on how my character (Thevyre Zinnakain) is doing in her current quests while playtesting D&D Next, the latest edition. Like this blog, I use the D.S.D. pen name, this time going simply by Dev. Read it here!

Stormgate Pirates/Destiny in Aquila

This is what I'm the most excited about. A few weeks ago, or perhaps a month, I submitted an entry to Swordroll's blogoversary contest via the Stormgate Pirates fan-fiction page. Earlier this week, I put up another bit of fiction, the Destiny in Aquila quickwrite, to be exact. While I expected it to sit there for a little while, eating away at the D section, Swordroll linked me to a post on the SGP homepage!
"Have you checked out the fiction page lately? We Stormgate Pirates have a bunch of really nice Pirate101 fiction.
I have read a few of them so far and let me tell you, they are amazing! We're thinking of having fiction spotlight on the homepage every week or so for interesting fiction we read.
Destiny in Aquila -by D.S. Devereaux (Please make more chapters)" (Read more here)
I was shocked! Now, as I sift through my messages and SGP-fiction, I'm seeing fan comments and praise for my quickwrite and the two chapters following it. I can happily say that I'm easily cranking out the chapters even as I write for NaNo - in fact, they've been great as warm-ups for when I'm feeling sluggish! Read it here!  (While you're there, could you give it a thumbs-up, or perhaps leave a comment?) Also, you may want to check out the other fan-fiction pieces, like Dark Side, the number one rated fiction on the site!

What do you think so far? Like the fan-fiction? Want to know more about the novel come August? Let me know what you think!

Keep Traveling!



  1. Oh mah gosh there's an Evan! Cool!

  2. Avalon's HighlanderJuly 17, 2013

    Hey Des! Yup- I read your other blog quite often to be truthful. It's interesting. :D

    Well, I can't wait till your novel is published and I can read it! (I'm a HUGE reader and I read whatever I can get my hands on)

    So- yea! Nice to talk to ya and ciao!

  3. Hey, Emma! Glad you read the D&D blog. I won't be at the encounter this week, so more doodles will be going up soon, as well as a bit on Thevyre's past.
    Haha, give me a few years on that novel. I'll be sure to keep everyone updated on its status. I'm not planning to post too much of it too soon. Ciao!

    Evan, YES - there is a character named Evan. He's an interesting one, albeit a little crazy in all of his scenes. If I ever put excerpts up, I'll be sure to sneak some with him in.

  4. Avalon's HighlanderJuly 18, 2013

    Okey dokey, I'll still most likely be one of the firsts to read it though. :D

    By the way, you totally kicked my butt in the tournament there. XD I demand a rematch, however, because I'm finally a level 52, maybe 53 by the time I see ya next. XD



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