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Hello! With this new monthly segment, I'll be taking a look at the Pirate101 Messageboards. Even though communication takes between twelve and twenty-four hours, I found the community there to be just as close-knit as this one is. Let's take a look at what's been trending lately!
The Tavern is a section of the messageboards for general discussion about Pirate101. It's home to discussions that sprouted Chess and the Armada and other posts here on Travels. However, the most popular threads are those that have turned into similar threads for the same purposes in order to accommodate as many people as possible. These are the roleplay threads!
I remember that the  first truly interesting thread on the Wizard101 messageboards that I had ever participated in was one that involved telling a second-person story about what happened after Malistaire Drake was defeated to a young necromancer. It has long since disappeared, but since then roleplaying has been a hobby of mine. I was very excited to see roleplays rise on the P101 boards, and I joined the fourth one. Because of the backup on post visibility due to moderation time, the user Just Add Bacon and I have come up with a posting order that makes things easier to understand.
The roleplays host all sorts of writers. Fan-fiction authors like Virtuous Anne Radcliffe and I breathe life into our characters while others write scripts that add interesting touches to the situation through clever dialogue and quick-wit humor.
I'm involved in Roleplay IV playing one of the characters in Destiny in Aquila - Warwick, the generally grumpy veteran - as he attempts to steal from the other characters in hopes of finding his parents. Warwick, after a shady encounter, finds himself cursed with something odd and only coming from the one roaming wizard of the island - Fiery Luke Emeraldflame (Luke E.), close friend of Fiery Luke Emeraldflame (Luke) the pirate. Because of a quick save on Warwick's part, the pirate Connor made way for the Lukes, Warwick, and Lizzy to escape a caved-in tunnel.
No matter what type of writer you are and whether or not you've had experience roleplaying before (The first-timers fit right in, and I feel at ease with three years of prior experience.), you will find that the roleplays are definitely fun to read through and write in. Join in today!

Keep Traveling! (Glad to be back.)



  1. Avalon's HighlanderJuly 31, 2013

    I love the Roleplay threads so, so much. I started them in the first place too! XD I got the idea from a good friend of mine, from Wizard who's more into Pirate, and she and I would come up with all sorts of crazy things in our Roleplay games. A brief summary would be Dead Mike going crazy and acquiring a fear of nostrils, candy island, beans, beans, and more beans, and lets not forget the pirate court.

    It was all so fun. I felt I just had to make it on the message boards. XD I figured out a way to add Valeria to the mix of things in Roleplay Four. I too schedule myself with all the posts. It seems to go in a pattern of me, Lizzy, Anne, Luke, or anyone. I try and balance the Roleplays my characters pop up in. XD

    But I wanna see you join the other Roleplays too! :) I hope ya will.


  2. :) They really are fun. Thank you guys for making th message boards a great place!


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