July 28, 2013

I Won Camp NaNoWriMo! (July Edition)

The Deputy's been places, you heard...
A sharp but annoyingly warm wind blows the doors of the Silver Spur open, airborne papers making their ways inside. You stand up, the metal bits of your spurs hitting the barstool on your way to the floor. Reaching for your trusty sparkshooter, you make your way down the shaft of oncoming light. Cogburn's words echo in your mind: Nobody ain't ever goin' back in that tavern that ain't prepared for a fight. 
"Keep that in mind," you whisper to yourself, finishing the officer's words of wisdom. Argleston, the scraggly old dog rumored to face storms, keeps his paws clasped, facing the door. A small grin emerges on his face. You look towards him, wondering what knowledge is hidden beneath the gray fur. A gloved hand grips the top of the swinging door, as if the wobbly wood would keep the hand's owner steady. As the door is pushed open, you realize that your suspicions were shockingly accurate. Rooster had always said you had a sharp mind, but you simply can't believe the figure facing you. Clad in purple is the deputy on leave, back early. She looks up and tilts her stetson, drawing aside a tangled lock of hair. She acknowledges you with a nod that sends chills down your spine. 
"You kept the Roost safe?" she asks, rid of the Ranch drawl, "I trust you did, by the ominous silence." You nod and shake Deputy Destiny Devereaux's hand. She's shaky, obviously beat up from a rough trip back. 
"What happened to you?" you ask, a grin appearing on your face in anticipation of a good story.
"I survived it, all right, Orleans," Destiny chuckles, "Do I have a tale to tell!" You can practically smell the Yum.

....and, that's a wrap! I have returned from Camp NaNoWriMo victorious, though just by a hair. Thanks to the lovely writers at the bookstore, I wrote over three thousand words today to bring my wordcount to a solid 60,004 words. Having lowered my goal before, I'm happy to say that I'm going to attempt to make the full 65,000 before Wednesday. That's the traditional 1,667 words per day. However, since I've won the challenge, I am officially back to blogging - and boy, have I missed all of you!

Destiny in Aquila (and other fan-fiction notices)

Earlier this month, I mentioned my newest fan-fiction, Destiny in Aquila: The Oracle's Three. Since then, it's been progressing smoothly with a new segment every few days. Over the past month, my fan-fiction platform has grown to the point of being in KI's newest article, "Writing Engaging Fan-Fiction" under the staff favorites list along with works by Aliah Lotuspetal and Anne Radcliffe. A Survivor's Word is still being put out on every opportunity, and some quickwrite work can be found on the fourth Pirate101 Messageboards roleplay as I work on Warwick, one of my tougher characters. I'm going to keep putting out the fan-fiction, and I really appreciate all the reviews and kind words I've  been getting!

Meanwhile in the Spiral...

I missed a lot when I was gone! Though I covered the class houses (loving the swash house!) and its update, I missed Christmas in July. Because of the timely festivities, Christmas in July was one of my favorite events last year. I'm sad to have missed it, but I'll be logging on soon to see what I have redeemed. Happy Summer Holidays! I also want to extend best of luck to the Spiral's very own Emma Dawnrider, who is preparing to submit her manuscript for publication. Go, Emma! (Good luck on that podcast, too.)

During Camp NaNo...

This month, I unfortunately did not have the time to write a journal, which I wish I did. However, I had a blast boosting my wordcount as an extension rebel! I'm planning to keep writing my current draft through the November event and start editing come January.
During the event, I had plenty of time to evaluate myself as a blogger, a writer, and a person. While documenting my thoughts and whatever came to mind on a separate draft, I have begun the process of once again taking a major leap in growth as a blogger. Just like Travels changed after November, I expect things to only get better come August.

Right, August!

That's what I forgot - silly me...This August, posting will be cut to one or two posts a week in comparison to those posted every other day on a normal basis. After that, it's a week or two more in September then hopefully back to the old drag - you can never tell with these kinds of things! Then comes November later on, where I'll be on leave for another NaNo. It seems like a writer's work never ends, does it?
As I get myself situated back on Travels, I'll be posting my thoughts on writing my novel for the rest of this week, and then hopefully be back to Pirate101 the following week. We'll just have to see.

It's been a long post, and I thank you for staying with me this long. I know that some of you aren't huge fans of 'walls of text' and for getting this far I appreciate you very much. Let me know what you think of my fan-fiction and the following snippet in the comments below - KEEP TRAVELING!


"“Eli,” Elias opened his eyes to see a lock of Cole's growing hair in his face. Cole pushed it back. “Elias, up.” Elias staggered to sit up, groaning and rubbing the crud from his eyes.
“Wh-what?” Elias mumbled, not excited to be up so early.
“It's Matt,” he whispered, “You've got to see this.” Ollie and Bennett were sitting on their knees around Matthias' mattress. Zinnia stood in the corner, watching. Elias locked eyes with her first. She raised her eyebrows, a dash of yellow reflecting off of her green pupils. Elias turned immediately. Romy sat on her own bed, flipping through a book. It had been hand-bound, just like Jocelyn's.
“Well,” Romy mumbled, writing a note in the book with a lit penlight, “Rumors seem to be true.” Elias stuck his head right over Ollie's and took a long look at Matthias. He was breathing through his mouth, sweat dripping down his forehead. Saya appeared at the entrance to the room, holding a rag soaked in cold water and wrapped around an ice cube. Elias placed it on Matthias' forehead. Matthias' eyes snapped open immediately.
“What?” he stammered, “That-that's cold.” Elias sighed.
“It is, isn't it?” he said regretfully, “It'll bring down your fever.” Matthias nodded a little and stared at the ceiling. A murky gray covered his eyes, almost like a film from Elias' angle. He looked to Romy, waving his hand over his eyes. She nodded, closing her eyes for a moment, then placing her index finger on her lips. Elias nodded. Bennett tapped Elias and mimicked the gesture.
“They were blue,” he said, kneeling closer to Elias, “Like an indigo.” Bennett's voice was raspy and filled with tears and cracks in his tone. Elias nodded and hugged his knees, shifting to sit on his rear. Ollie sat back on a mattress, rubbing his eyes.
“Headache?” Brandt asked, “Me, too.” Saya sat next to Brandt, looking towards him with a rare pang of fear in her gaze. Elias kept a straight face. "
Leap, (Pages 76/77) 


  1. Congrats Destiny.

    P.S. You going to do any more Wizard101 updates or is your blog fully Pirate101 now?

  2. Thanks, Cass! While I really do miss Wizard101 - And I really do! - I don't have enough money to pay for both subscriptions or enough time to play both games. Sorry. :/

  3. Avalon's HighlanderJuly 29, 2013

    Congratulations Destiny! You are well loved still and I'm happy for you! You definitely deserved to win. -hands glass of tea and a tea cake-

    I'm happy to Roleplay with you and play with ya in the game as well. :)


  4. Hello, Emma! Thanks for stopping by and for the wonderful food. I'll never need to loot another banquet ship again!


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