July 26, 2013

Clockworks on the Island V

Hello! If you're reading this during July 2013, then I'm busy writing for NaNoWriMo! I'm also busy taking a class over this month, so I will be harder to reach. However, I have written a short story to be published over this month for you to enjoy. You'll find an update on things twice this month. Enjoy!

Backstory: Brecken is sent to Skull Island to fight in the resistance against the invading Armada. She meets Errol and does not want to befriend him. After meeting with Captain Avery, Brecken teaches Errol a few fighting skills and sends him to sleep. Brecken meets with a friend and offers to take the night shift for her. Upon landing in Jonah Town, Brecken is faced with a galleon of clockworks.

The remains of the battle angel floated peacefully in the choppy airstream. Brecken and Errol stood watching it for a few moments, mouths agape. Underneath a displaced arm fluttered a pair of mechanical wings. Brecken smiled a little. She knew a thing or two about flight, didn't she?
"On three," Brecken said, smiling, "One, two..." Brecken, taking a step back, hollered the final number as she dove head-first into the air, "THREE!" The wind rushing past her face blew her hair back and her hat clearly off. Brecken crashed into the air, dog-paddling for a moment while she collected herself. Her hair splayed out in different directions around her now that she was submerged in the air. Brecken swam out towards the wings, toting them under her arms as a life preserver. Errol, trained better in swimming, swam freestyle out towards where Brecken was bobbing. She, switching between holding her breath in the air current and struggling to stay up, slipped the wings on like backpack straps, pulling bits of the battle angel away. She felt the wings flutter to her will and shoulder movements. Rising a few feet, Brecken pointed her toes, just barely touching the top of the airstream.
"Grab on," she instructed. Errol snickered and latched onto one of Brecken's ankles. The swashbucklers rose, eventually seeing eye-to-eye with the Jonah Town whale.
"We'll have to fly higher up in order to be out of cannon range," Errol sighed, "The trajectory path, according to popular theory in flare cannons, should -"
"I know, I know," Brecken sighed, "Higher up means less debris."
"That's one way to put it," Errol sighed. Brecken rose a skiff's length higher than the whale and started towards the island. Many naval battles raged on below, but one galleon-to-galleon fight caught the pirates' eyes immediately. Explosions came from several parts of both ships, the clanging of metal on metal resounding throughout the entire skyway. A privateer, probably the navigator, threw a handful of expanding black bombs out towards the opposing clockworks who could cover themselves with shields. Two musketeers acted back-to-back in their home crow's nest.
"Brecken, we should go help," Errol complained. Brecken was lost in the stars, however, trying to find where her crew was now by means of worlds. "Brecken!" Brecken blinked back.
"Errol, they've got it covered," Brecken murmured, "I'm sure --"
"No way," Errol growled, letting go of Brecken's ankle and plummeting into the ship. He caught onto it with his dagger, splitting the sail and landing on the rail, spinning with his daggers until he had enough room to get into the fight. Brecken flew on, landing gently on the island. She wove between clockworks and pirates, getting nicked in the shoulders and one ankle. The wings were unscathed, though. Brecken muttered something to herself, calling her skarakeet back. She approached the Krok guarding the transportal. She felt her side for her bag of crowns, which was there. Brecken heard footsteps, and turned cautiously. There, in a mess of red, was Fiona.
"You nearly killed me, Fiona," Brecken growled, turning away, "I'm going home."
"You signed up for it," Fiona said with a smug grin, "And you're chickening out of it."
"Fiona, you're--" Fiona cut Brecken off, stepping in front of her and lifting an Armada-origin axe "—an idiot, you know that?" Brecken unsheathed her dagger and pistol, dropping to a lower position. Fiona sighed and swiped the axe down. Brecken dodged and quickly shot at the privateer, who only blocked with her shield. Brecken doubled back, reconsidering her tactics. She could pay a transportalator on the other end if she dove in now. If only she could...
"And you're the worst excuse for a pirate that I've ever known," Fiona cackled. Brecken dove for the transportal, feeling its pull as Fiona dragged her back. Brecken pointed her pistol at Fiona, wincing as she pulled the trigger. Fiona fell back and Brecken somersaulted through the transportal, flopping over in the Aquilan sun.
"Captain!" Catbeard turned his head, waving at the battered pirate, "Meow, meow, meow! You're one to show up in style!" Brecken grumbled and sat up, accepting a paw to stand from Catbeard.
"Listen, Catty," Brecken ordered, "Get the rest of 'em in the Golden Bough." Brecken walked into Nova Aquila, soaking herself in the baths and drying herself out in the warm air. She felt cuts and bruises mend in the warm water. She faced a pounding headache which wreaked havoc between Brecken's ears. She had the wings fold themselves on her back, drawing stares from the locals and other pirates alike. Many of them were just as scratched up as she was, holding similar notes. They returned to the transportal and showed their seals, gaining free entry. Brecken realized that her note was still on a couch in Avery's office. Getting back would have to be done the hard way. Brecken took to the air and flew a few feet up and towards the Golden Bough. Catbeard had returned with Sarah Steele and Monkey King. They sat quietly at a table, sipping Yum and waiting for their captain. Brecken sat down at a stool, cradling her head in her hands.
"Alright, so here's the deal," Brecken muttered, her voice clearer in admission, "The fight on the Island is pretty bad. We need...to fight. There." Sarah's mouth dropped.
"But just two days ago, Captain, you said that -"
"I know, Sarah," Brecken sighed, "They need our help." The crew stood with Brecken, who walked them to the docks, "There are routes to Skull Island through Monquista," she explained, "We need to look for two large galleons in the Skull Island Skyway, to rendezvous with a friend of mine." Now on board the ship, Catbeard took the helm. The light Aquilan air was nothing like the winds in Jonah Town, Brecken realized. What she and Errol had fought through was more of a challenge than she could ever dream of facing again. Perhaps going back could be healthy.
"There, to the northeast," Sarah pointed out, "There's the stormgate!"

"I'm coming, Errol," Brecken sighed, disappearing in the captain's quarters, drawing out a map. The wings would come in handy.


Guess what? I should be back to posting on Thursday! Can't wait to get back in touch with ya'll.


Well, this commitment is proving to be much harder than I expected. After a car crash (We're all OK) recently, I have found writing to get harder over the past week. In total, I have only written 780 words, all of which seem to be out of my norm. On top of other things are a few unexpected bumps which will take up much of my time in August. I may also be taking a week off to help someone very close to me.
I'm not exactly sure as to "what happens next". I'm expecting a huge time-taker this coming fall, winter, and spring, as well as two NaNos in the coming year. However, I'm looking forward to my upcoming blogoversary on the 13th of August, and I'll consider hosting a party or something. As things get stacked up, I'll be sure to let you know how things go in relation to my constant lack of time. Keep Traveling. 

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