June 8, 2013

Traps and Trafalgar

Jack Teach: Whoops, sorry about that. Looks like the Black Fog will be a problem.
Destiny Devereaux: How so?
Jack Teach: The fires will hit you.
Destiny Devereaux: I...I knew that. (turn goes over) Oh, I can just walk around 'em.
Jack Teach: Uh...
Destiny Devereaux: Oops.
Jack Teach: Not the walk around fires. :)

Whoops! Last night harbored plenty of laughs while I quested through the end of Marleybone. I had been waiting all week to get back on P101, and I was ready to get started right away! After trying to coordinate a few friends to go with me, the only person available at that time once again was Jack Teach. I charged into the ship right away, and I wouldn't have survived the quest if it weren't for him. While in the dungeon, I hit the gold cap and began a collection of Armada-themed items. As of yet, I am getting close to finishing a Battle Angel costume that I'll definitely use next Halloween. For more coverage on the adventure, read on!
Destiny: Ugh, Sarah Steele sounded like a toddler, right then.
Jack: Really? Jack [Russel] had a great line!

The voiceovers  and NPC lines in Trafalgar were stunning! While the vortex with the clockwork encounter and Motherlode Mine might tie for first, Trafalgar has a good ranking when it comes to voices. I absolutely loved 99% of the lines. (The one that I didn't like was Sarah's one line before we faced Rooke. Ugh...) I loved how Ratbeard broke up the tension but didn't deter Rooke's threat. Speaking of, I wanted to extend a warm welcome to a sound developer at KI, "Sarah Steele", to the messageboards! Say hello to her here.

Destiny: To Catbeard!
Jack: Good luck at the trial! :)

After I thwarted Rooke and got through Trafalgar, I was off to pick Catbeard up. However, he was in the middle of a court trial, one that I stepped into at the right time. Swidget explained who I was, more or less accurately, and I got  to drag Catbeard along with me. However, I soon learned that Catbeard's map piece was safe indeed - I had gotten it back in Skull Island. Catbeard apologized for his doings and asked to join the crew. We were all a little annoyed by Catty's lies, though in the end he joined the party. I expect great things from Mr. Beard. Great things or it's to the batacuda with him!

Jack: Trap Alert!

The best part of the whole Trafalgar/Catbeard run was the number of traps that I stumbled into. While I was fighting, I also happened to be slurping dinner down. I ignored the presence of many traps even though I applied my invisibility. I laughed a lot when I had stacked several boosts, only to have a few ruined by the fires. After that, I ran into a glitch. I know Nelson said to abandon ship, but I guess I took it a little too literally. (See picture)

Overall, I had a great time in Trafalgar! Thanks, Jack, for the help!

Keep Traveling,


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