June 23, 2013

The Messageboards Today (And Camp NaNo News)

Ahoy! I'm having a good Sunday morning - I've been playing P101 with a few friends of mine all morning. Between turns and hits, I was scoping out the Pirate101 messageboards. I'm surprised on how attentive and thoughtful the community there is. Really, it's quite a different place. Many of we bloggers (and readers) are on the official boards, so I thought I'd chime in to mention a few of my favorite threads.

 First off are the hot topics! The boards' hottest topics are topic with 20+ posts that are normally often looked at and commented on. A few of my favorites are the ones concerning the Armada, though I've already said quite a bit about those in my Chess and the Armada posts. My favorite hot topic is one that I barely post on, though. It's called "Ze Spiral Cuisine: What's on the Menu?". Started by the user "Ordeith", the topic focuses on what pirates would it if we got the chance. At the time, I'm busy preparing a post about different jellies and fruit preserves, as those deserve some love. Plenty of people have posted here, from Virtuous Anne Radcliffe to Chryssis Blessings and Giggles.

Of course, then are the threads that I post on often. A more recent topic is called "Favorite Pirate101 Fanfiction Authors". Here, I and many others comment on recent fan-fiction bits and compliment various authors. Lots of stories have been recommended, and I feel like it's been a great help. I also occasionally see posts by folks who have read my work and I enjoy their feedback very much. Created a day or two ago was a thread asking for assistance from writers on a plot error in some fan-fiction. I loved sending in my feedback and a little advice.
The messageboards also list a lot of possible post ideas. For instance, a few of my more popular posts, like Inside the Ships, had origins in the messageboards. Every day, people post ideas for worlds, companions, quests, and modifications to what they see already. The moderators and staff members in the forums (all taking character names like One-Eyed Jack, Blind Mew, Sarah Steele, and Mr. Trelawny) oftentimes reply to those who have questions for them.
I've found that the messageboards have fostered a great community that you really should check out if you haven't already. While it can never be as closely tied together as it is here in the blogosphere, the community there is very warm. Did I say that it was flame-free?

Keep Traveling!


P.S. Next month is Camp NaNoWriMo! On top of other IRL events, I might have to abandon Travels for that month so I can focus on finishing my draft and getting some things done so I can blog better. I'll let you know about that later.


  1. Its Sunday. I am a day behind then (curse you computer clock) o_O; when did Ratbeard change his messageboard name?

  2. Ratbeard never changed his messageboards name - I just didn't mention him! Mr. Trelawny has a part in the in the process of housing items.

  3. Why are there so many Camp NaNoWriMos?

  4. There are two Camp NaNoWriMos every year. There are two because the participants donate enough money to sponsor such events throughout the entire year. Also, many people can't make one month or another. For instance, I have a class this summer over July, so my Camp goal is tiny if present.
    The reason I'm doing both Camps this year is in honor of a friend of mine who I will not see for a *very* long time. He told me to publish my novel and send a copy to him so he could read it. I hope that I can finish my draft over the upcoming Camp and start on the publishing journey.

  5. Oh, yes, Destiny, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The message boards are a lot of fun! And I have a lot of admiration for the playful invention of many of the posters, clever ideas, insightful help, and sometimes just a really good laugh. And I really appreciate the participation of the KI staff, who take time in addition to their own work to post on the boards.

    Your camp sounds exciting! Good luck with your novel, and I hope you can tell us about it sometime.

  6. Anne,

    While I will not be blogging about this month's camp, you will be able to keep track of my wordcount status and where I am in the plot via my novel page. http://campnanowrimo.org/campers/second_sparrow/novels/leap-72511 Thanks for stopping by!

  7. Avalon's HighlanderJuly 31, 2013

    I'm a little late posting here, but oh well! I managed to get my story plot under wraps - I've got about 2,000 words for my Pirate story on the first chapter so far, as for my Wizard story 4,000. XD

    Message Boards are so much fun.

    Good luck with your novel. I vow that I will read it when I see it in stores.



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