June 11, 2013

Sunshine for Saviors: A P101 Poem

Following the final slice
The final strangling effort of Assassin's Gloom
The saviors fought
Gasping for air and a bottle of Yum.

How Remmy watched, gun in hand
and hope in heart.
The clattering of clockworks often sent gears flying
into his awaiting hands, earning an anxious glare.

Hushed whispers to Gracie are shared just out of range
for eavesdropping, leaving Remmy with his pistols.
Perhaps he could charge forwards
without the fear of Destiny's swords?

Perhaps it was little than the nudge
of the breaking barrel that sent Remmy out.
In either circumstance,
sparks flew, enveloping mechanical genius. 

It was the first ray,
the final beacon of desire fulfilled
that shone upon the saviors
and the lone Musketeer in a sling. 

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