Harpies and Life as a Swashbuckling Blogger

"Oh, harpies!" It's a quote that I've used several times today, at the very least. While I struggle to get through the second or third quest of Aquila, I've found myself dumbfounded by these screaming, pink beasts that terrorize my crew, and ultimately, me. I mean, I'm not a fan of something looking so "harmless" ramming into me with its horrid wings. However, I'm making some progress.
I've found that, like Dead-eye facing the harpies, I as a blogger face similar challenges.

Swashbuckling for Bloggers

You know swashbucklers. Low health, high hits. If a Harpy lands five or six mega vengeance strikes, then an up-to-par Swashbuckler may be done for. That's why Swashbucklers have good dodge and talents like Riposte to back them up with above-average damage. A Buccaneer, say, would last longer from the hits but hit for less. It's this kind of strategy - using your skills to your advantage while avoiding obstacles - that powers Destiny's Travels.
What kinds of Harpies do I face? Hint: They don't have wings. My Harpies are as little as typos and can grow to be as large as flame-mail if I let them thrive long enough. However, strategies that help me avoid such circumstances help me push through and publish another post.
Take spam comments, for example. I've set up different comment filters to get rid of as many spam comments as I could. Since I set up that filter, I've had a total of three spam comments. Other problems, like grammar flubs, are taken care of through the help of my friends' wary eyes and the occasional dictionary or web search.
Swashblogging, as I like to call it, is the type of blog posts I create based on how things are going on the outside. If I have a lot of time to quest and research, Chess and the Armada type posts occur. These days, my posts are typed up right before they're published. That's when I see the most Harpies flouncing through the paragraphs. Like a Swashbuckler, I'm quick to react to my situation and can apply certain things with the help (or un-help...?) of certain factors. Like a blogger, all the reactions are in posts.

Dealing with Harpies

As one grows as a blogger, more obstacles get in the way. Whether it's the criteria for becoming an official fansite, a post that's hard to flesh out, or video editing, you know or will know what these obstacles are. For me, these are things like promotion and time management. Time management is a big one - at the time, I'm out of town  trying to write this post before my flight back home. Because I've been out of town, little questing has been done besides the darned harpies. By dodging a brain-freeze, I've come up with a post to talk about the harpies in a metaphorical fashion.
Of course, still as one grows, the Blogger-Harpies grow along with them. What may have been criticism on a post may turn into flaming and trolling. I feel like, just as a leveling pirate, one will be able to control these as they grow as a writer and blogger themselves.
See, my point is to just push through whatever challenges try to get your attention. If there is a problem, one can fix it through growth and friendship. Then again, I've heard that friendship fixes a lot of things.

This community is amazing.

I want to extend a GIGANTIC thank-you to the following folks for promoting my last post. It made a huge difference in my stat count and brought plenty of readers to Travels: Swordroll, Kelsey Fireheart, Chris Drakeflame, and all the folks who retweeted! You guys are awesome.