June 29, 2013

Gone Noveling | 6/30-7/31

You know what this means! For the second out of three months this year, I'll be gone noveling during NaNoWriMo. This time around, I'm not going to be blogging my updates on another site, as other IRL responsibilities have truly gummed my time up enough for me to barely slip 666 words per day into my life.   
Over the course of the next month, you'll be getting a total of two Camp updates as well as five segments of a fan-fiction which I have prepared for you over the past week. This story features two new characters who deal with happenings apart from those of The Sky's Ransom. I think it's very interesting and will do quite well over the month. I will still be reachable by e-mail, as always, and if I finish early I'll be back ASAP. 

Keep Traveling!


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