June 4, 2013

Dear Destiny Soultamer: Matters of Albion

Dearest Destiny Soultamer,

Hello! It's been a while since I last wrote, and  I apologize for the holdup; frankly, a pirate's
work is never done. However, my rising rank in Marleybone's Royal Navy has provided me with the tools necessary  to write at last, as well as one of the scholars to bug check my pirately grammar. A friend of mine in an apothecary knows how to sail over the mountain range, through the uncharted fog, and into the Marleybone which you're familiar with. A shame that we're so close yet can't reach one another. As I'm not a pirate for severe altitude, I don't know how I'd fare on a journey as tough as that.

Things in Marleybone are more or less okay. Because of my recent adventures through the Isle of Fetch, I have as many "improved" MREs as I want. It's nothing like the bed-and-breakfast made back in Tumbleweed, but it's a little better than what I see people in the city living off of. How are things with you?
I know that like I, you are as well a traveler interested in the cultures of those who you have the chance to meet. I remember your extensive research into Dragonspyre a few months ago, and I'm sure you have done something similar for other odd worlds like Celestia. It was just a few days ago, too, that I questioned a cultural conflict between a few of Marleybone's inhabitants - the dogs and the Albion foxes. The Albion foxes, running the Radical gangs, seem to be at conflict with those in the Royal Navy. It's hard to pick a side, I admit, as I work in the Navy and have gotten harshly doublecrossed by an Albion fox because of that affiliation. However, there seems to have been a wrongdoing in the Albion society by the dogs that hurt them to the point of swearing revenge,
or so Bonnie Anne states. She is a little more sensitive to the insults as she originated from Albion, herself. Could you do a little research and let me know what you think? I wonder what will become of the conflict.

In other matters, Gracie Gracie picked up a new war golem to test out in the field. She was always the scientist, no? I mentioned you to her and she recognizes your name. Seems like our friend's been everywhere! I've been assigned to investigate things in the Trafalgar Vortex. I don't see anything peaceful coming out of it; you know my history with these vortexes. However, I've been given the week to prepare and train for the event, which I'm doing after I write. I'll let you know how things go. If things go for the worst, I'll get Gracie to send you a note.

All the best,



  1. Great! Thanks for doing letter-form!

  2. Remember, having a post in letter-form is all thanks to reader votes! :)

  3. I like all your posts, Destiny -- this letter form post, but also your Captain's log and other styles. (The post office one was particularly funny, I have to say). So, if I were you, I would post in whichever way you felt like it any particular day. That way you do as the muse leads you, and your readers enjoy what you come up with!

  4. Anne,

    I decided to include a poll for update posts for several reasons. The first one was so I could make my quest update posts varied and interesting. One of my huge blogger-peeves (Or, should I say blog-bears?) is seeing a lot of quest update posts that don't have much different about them. Because I want to post my questing updates, I want to at least have them read for being interesting.
    However, being a writer, post variety in general can be a problem. I LOVE my quickwrites - if I didn't care in the slightest way about blog traffic, then every post would be a poem or story bit! However, I sort of like having followers and readers, so I wanted to post something for everybody. All of the poll options are doable for me and are different from one another.


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