Analyzing the New P101 Commercial

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According to The Friendly Necromancer, a new Pirate101 commercial hit television last night. Since then, it's been all around the community! Everywhere, I'm seeing anxious reposts of that commercial and a few notes on it. However, I wanted to take things a step further by analyzing the content and reviewing my thoughts on it. Perhaps you can take a better look at this video once you see my thinking.

Let's focus on those classes...

Buccaneer: Alright, so the Bucc looks pretty good in this commercial by knocking a few enemies away with Friar Sand's Unyieling Hiraga. However, what disturbs me is that she appears to be such a low level in comparison to the weapon, thus making little sense. Big Choppy Weapons is available at level 7 for all players, and a Bucc in fresh-out clothing carrying one is a little out of place. However, the show was pretty good and the showing of a Buccaneer's strength was great!

Witchdoctor: Ah, the Witchdoctor. This one was very well executed, in my opinion, though things look a little stereotypical in that fashion. The magic used seems pretty accurate from what I saw. Also love that facial expression at the end!

Musketeer: A lot of buzz about the Musketeer from a few of my friends! The Musk talent in this video was quite well executed, making a good show while also suggesting the strategy of staying back.

Privateer: Yes, falling out of a boat seems to be the Priv's forte in this video. Did I mention that it's a rowboat with companions? While this video is giving me tons of juicy ideas for my fan-fiction, one does not simply fall out of a boat, land square on the stern, and start fighting. It just doesn't work that way, does it?

Swashbuckler: Ooh, this one was realistic and perfect. I couldn't think of anything better that they could have
And the winner of the unrealistic award goes to the Swashbucklers! That's not to mention that this award comes with the Medal of Awesomeness, but that might be another post. The Swashbuckler does a few of my favorite things: Split a sail (Peter Pan was always a part of my childhood) then do Dance of Steel on a railing. Marvelous, but the same problem as the Buccaneer is around with the matching Kurkris that the Swash carries.

Out of ten, the realistic score in this might get a three. First off, the graphics were not in-game footage and the game looks somewhat different from what is shown. Friar Sand's Unyielding Hiraga requires Big Choppy Weapons and the Priv will not be able to get some of its shown companions. Also, they're fighting in the middle of an unrecognizable windlane in the actual sky! While this is exciting and makes me think about the geographical levels of the Spiral, it's just as confusing. However, the stunning graphics of this commercial really took it away! While things remained a little off, the animation was beautiful, bringing out a lot of good in every class.

What do you think? Leave a comment below!

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  1. The fact that it's unrealistic doesn't bother me so much as that it isn't the actual game. They're either (A) leading people to believe the game has graphics that it doesn't, resulting in disappointment or (B) losing out on potential players because the pirates look like they're young children.

    The witchdoctor is actually wearing Old Scratch's Headdress, a new item available with the launch of MB and AQ. There are also reports of a slingshot weapon, and many slingshot-bearing Vulture pirates who might give them up! ;)

  2. Thanks for letting me know! :)

  3. Now lets see you do the Wizard101 Commercial about tournaments.


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