June 6, 2013

A Survivor's Word, Part 10

Ahoy! It's been a while, or at least for me it has. Because no major questing has been taken care of this week, finding a Captain's Log idea is very tough. Because of that, the next poll-based post will most likely be Saturday morning or afternoon. That's right - I'm going to be doing a Trafalgar run on Saturday morning or Friday evening.
Anyhow, ASW has gone really far at this point. If you haven't kept up with it, read from the beginning here. I think that this saga is the crown jewel of this blog. It has been a long-term dream of mine to get something up on that fan-fiction page, no matter what game it was for (believe me, my dreams are hardly ever that long-term). What do you know; I actually made it. Of course, that's because I had support from each and every one of you. Whether it's Talon Thunderblade and Paige Daisypetal in the very beginning or Swordroll, Blaze Shadowhorn, and Anne Radcliffe through today, it's the constant support from my friends that has kept me going strong. Thank you all so much for helping me make this dream come true! I now present to you: A Survivor's Word, part X.
P.S. This version of the story has tidbits from me in it. Just thought you'd like the extra notes.

Author's Note: In this particular time, there has been no need to care about the realms of Marleybone and Aquila. -DSD
Destiny had very little spare time when she was under pressure of Avery, but now that she didn't have any duties from him, she could do whatever she wanted in her time. In that time, Destiny had converted a weapon case into a holster for her spear, one that she could attach (with an elastic) around her chest and shoulders. She also found, in Sarah's findings, scraps of cloth that she used as patches for her coat. Destiny used skarakeet feathers to embellish sturdy boots that she had originally, and from a corner retrieved a shining spear. Destiny loved feeling the tip of the spear and the point. It wasn't very sharp, but Destiny knew how its impact worked. In her coat, Destiny had lived out her wishes and sewed in pockets with buttons, where she placed two daggers. On the bottom were snaps, which she could unsnap if she jerked her shoulders the right way. (These will come in handy.) She could then catch the daggers right away and be able to use them. Destiny was rather pleased with the results. With her clothing supply, Destiny put into a large duffel bag a smaller drawstring bag of Mojo vials and then maybe seventeen or eighteen empty journals, as well as ten filled ones. She included another drawstring of ink-pens and ink wells. She could easily (Corrected one typo there) collect quills from the Admiral as needed. Destiny slung the bag over her shoulder then onto a table as she reached for a few books then a jar of candles. Fastening her bag shut with a grunt, Destiny slung it on her shoulder again, then with her free hand picked a stool up by the leg. She bent down and hung a blanket on it.

“Well, I think that's it!” Destiny had been borrowing a cabin from Delaney for the past few days, and all of her wares were barely hers. Destiny closed the door behind her, locking it. She sulked out onto the deck, where Sarah Steele was busy taking the sails and rigging down. Juan toted a box of all maps, some that he drew and others that he picked up along the way of his adventures. Fin Dorsal had his goggles off because the humid air fogged them up. He had green eyes, Destiny noted. Fin carried not much – clothes, sheets, weapon supplies, weapons, candles. Sarah's bag was in the shadow of the mast, and Sarah only packed sheets and swords, as well as a few books tucked in at the bottom. Destiny laughed a little – what kind of captain was she; the adviser of chilly bookworms? Destiny felt the bulk at the bottom of her bag and supposed so. (I'll admit; I'm so scared of typos and content errors that I'm afraid to read through all this.) 

Remmy poked Destiny from behind – okay, so maybe she was more friend than captain; she would need to do some research. Destiny laughed and turned. Remmy had also packed a journal with him, as well as three barrels of gunpowder that he carried in a fishing net on his back. Fashioned onto the net's ropes were a rifle, scaramanga-style musket, and Remmy held two pistols. On his shoulder were two towels and a sheet. Destiny gave him a half-pistol high-five and kept walking. She didn't want the moment to really end, nor did she want the ship to capsize. (Describing Remmy was so much fun in this part. If I felt that I had a little more leg room, I'd have written more on the grime coating his right jaw, uncleaned from the constant work. However, I didn't really know how to put it at the time. Either way, poor Rem was working for a long time before this scene.) 

Before Destiny even met her, Delaney had fashioned a plank into a stepladder with steps that could be tightened in certain positions. She twisted a knob on the side of each step to make them tight and she started down, first rolling her bags then crab-walking down, hobbling just a bit. Once she snatched her bags up, Fin stepped off, taking abnormally small steps for a shark. He grunted when he hit the bottom and nodded to Juan and Remmy, who also carried their bags down. Destiny waved Sarah off and then she herself started climbing. Destiny knew that she would be very ship-sick if there was a way back on, and she made sure to loosen each plank as she stepped off of it. One slip off of the ladder, and into the skyway you would go, on a constant fall until you hit the spiral threads and would be left for the sky snakes. (I want to bring this particular bit back!) Destiny stepped four steps down and then turned to sit on the ladder, taking out a simple matchbox. She struck one of many matches onto a candle that she brought, melting the wax on the bottom before lighting the wick, so the candle would stay in the wind, at the very least. (I guiltily add bits of my real life into the skills Destiny and the crew have; melting the bottom wax of candles is something known in my family for a long time.) Destiny watched the light flicker on the wick for a few seconds, humming a short verse of a seafaring song that she had heard;

“Paisley sails, silence the wails,
With gold from El Dorado;
Paisley sails, as we turn tails,
Into a place that I've yet to know.” Destiny looked on and opened her mouth for another verse.
“Flicker, fly, hush the sky,
Avernus drakes naught get ye now,
Flicker, fly, and should we cry,
That'll be yer doom, now.”  ("Paisley Sails" is a poem that I wrote myself. It originated from a song written pre-part X, I believe. In fact, I think an early draft can be found in an old contest entry of mine. An extended version has been put to a piano and I'm considering what I should do with it.) 

You know me - I love feedback! In fact, feedback is the #1 thing keeping my blog going, since a lot of post ideas are from comments. If you want to see something here, then shoot me a comment and I'll happily craft a post! Also, questions and general comments are very appreciated, too. If you have a question about ASW, its characters, or its lore, I'm willing to part with some information as an author. Let me know.

Keep Traveling!



  1. I enjoyed it, Destiny. There's lots of good description. But don't feel guilty about using pieces of your real life (like how to stabilize candles), as that's the sort of thing that provides depth to a story (as you know, probably more than me, really). In one of my stories I take a paragraph or so to have Anne make a handkerchief doll. A very un-piratical activity to be sure! But it fit into the plot as a gentle, wordless way that Anne was able to comfort some traumatized children. I didn't know at the beginning of the story she was going to do that, and I liked Anne more than ever for doing so. Funny how characters can have a life of their own, isn't it?
    What's also funny is our so very different ideas on Fin Dorsal. For Destiny, he is a loyal crewman with an attitude. For Anne, (who did not opt to get him as a Crowns companion) he is a nasty, vengeful villain who has no compunction working with the Armada... again. (he appears in the story, 'The Mechanical Baby', not yet published, if it gets published; others in chronological order need to be brought out first.)

  2. Oh, forgot to say, I liked the inclusion of the song, too.

  3. Anne,

    Fin's an important character in ASW, and you'll find out why. If you want spoilers, look at my 5k-in-four-days piece under the "The Sky's Ransom" tab.
    The use of poetry and song in my works is also another bit of my own life that I sneak in. My writing roots were in poetry, and my grandmother is a lyricist. I really wish that I could get a backstory for Destiny that's more than being a four-time escapee from the Armada. I'll be posting that sometime.


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