May 13, 2013

What Would You Like to See?

Ahoy! Since the tail end of December, I've been having a few of my bests posts being recognized all over the community, which I absolutely love. However, I often feel like there could be more posted here. I want to hear from YOU! In this post, you'll find a few things I've been considering, and then you can post your opinions on it as well.

Let's start with a few ideas that I've already put together but haven't tried out yet:

Tutorials: Game tutorials, to be exact. Would you like to see a walkthrough of a dungeon, or just want to see how to navigate an area? Or, are you just all over the new mount? With game tutorials, you can get a good look on how to get things done. While I'm no master strategist, I feel ready to take the challenge of trying to get through the tougher dungeons with an actual plan that I can share. Videos will be a hard one for me, but I'll give it a shot, anyways!

Writing Workshops: This idea has been quite hush-hush in my mind, for I can't possibly see a way for me to do this just yet. While a few months ago proved to be an opportunity for live Skype-based workshops, my options have been narrowed down to simply posting about different things. I know that there are a lot of writers in the community who  may benefit from what I could post a bit about, so let me know if you'd like to see these!

More News: This idea just might happen, anyways. While I work away on my writing and pirate, news comes out almost daily, and I haven't posted a smidgen of it! My theory was that people can always read elsewhere for news, and that having yet another source with the same information would be a drag. However, spicing things up would definitely be an option. From that idea, I created plenty of quickwrites to demonstrate the presence of updates. However, I sort of miss the generic news. Would you like to see more?

Now, there's a MORE! category for things that I've been posting that you may want more of:

Quickwrites: If you want more quickwrite posts, then this is a win-win, as I love to write! My quickwrite posts normally dish out the news in a way that I think is a lot more fun even though it lacks information. I might also be trying out new techniques or ideas that I just want to expand on.

Chess and other Series: Do you love the Chess and the Armada posts? How about Sink or Slash? Do you want to see more post series like these? Let me know!

Quest Updates: Alright, so they almost never happen these days. However, a new expansion is going to hit Live any day, now - would you like to see large posts of collected updates, or do you want to see a journal-type thing?

Let me know what YOU want to see!


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  1. I'd LOVE a Granchia navigation guide. I must've gotten caught about 5 times. It was painful.


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