Promoting to Queen - Chess and the Armada, part V

Written pre-MB/AQ
Fun fact: Did you know that I drew this from scratch? 
Hey, I'm starting to wonder, seeing as to how you said that Pirate101 is a little more complex
than Wizard101, I wonder if Queen will backstab Kane, or avenge him (most likely backstab) if you do end up defeating him. I once read an article in chess that said on a chessboard, the Queen is given false power (she's strong, but in the end, the glory still goes to the King). So I wonder if they'll hide Queen in the shadows (she could be a scheming Swashbuckler) and then, when the power of Kane is lost, BAM!!!, she steps in to take power and finish El Dorado. Just a guess but still, hope you like.
-Kane's Greatest Supporter

Ahoy, there! I don't know if I should trust you on your theories or take your word completely, Kane's Greatest Supporter. Are you a double agent of sorts? I'll keep an eye on you, matey. Let's take a look on where Queen is in this mess.

In a Wikipedia article describing the powers of the queen piece, it starts right off with, "The queen (♕,♛) is the most powerful piece in the game of chess, able to move any number of squares vertically, horizontally, or diagonally" (Queen (chess), Wikipedia). Being the worst chess player to walk this earth, I love making the queen my power player, though she's taken out soon after a lousy move. This created my thesis for the post
- the queen was held back to avoid tricky instances, only to have major hits later on.

If you've been active in the community, you know that talk about Queen (or Milady, in the words of a friend of mine) is abundant nearly everywhere you look. However, let's backtrack a little bit. Say you rely on my chess posts and what you have learned in game only. If your pirate in this instance has hit the level cap, then by now you've been informed of the presence of some weird female-looking clockwork. After reading my posts, she's now Queen (or Milady..I think I like that one..). Queen hasn't ever shown up, spoken, or been referred to besides in that one picture. Now what?

Let's shift back to chess. As a novice chess player, I try to make room for my queen piece to take everything in sight out. Of course, it opens up a way for other pieces on your opponent's side to take your queen out. That won't leave you in a very good position, but I'll get to that part later. In short, Queen hasn't been yet revealed because of the idea of others being able to get in easily and take her out. Perhaps Queen could be a sort of look into the Armada's inside.

Now, there's that position that we all hate. You're down a queen and the opponent's pretty spread out over the board. What do you do?

There's a wonderful thing in chess called promotion. As explained in the Wiki article, chess promotion occurs when a pawn reaches the eighth rank (row) of the chessboard. It is then available to be switched out for a more powerful piece of the same color, including the queen. Say the Armada's queen was in such a position that only another queen would be able to get to it. If our pirates ranked to the eighth and gained our new titles, then would we be eligible to find out where Queen fit into the puzzle?

Keep Traveling!

Queen -
Promotion -


  1. I really like how your blog takes things one step further than anyone else even thought about!

  2. Ditto, I love reading these posts and it makes me want to play the game even more (but I can't...).

    I also keep picturing this as a fantasy novel series. If it was, I would be completely addicted.

  3. No offense but during one of your earlier posts about the armada and chess pieces being related left me a bit skeptical about the idea. This on the other hand was pure genius! The promotion idea was a very good connection. I just don't picture it going down like that though, as smart as that is we're more likely to end up fighting Kane in the epic finishing battle, then beat him, because referring back to chess if the king dies, game over.

  4. Hey Deadly,

    Thanks for your comment! While I never mean to say that I'm sure my thoughts will be implemented, sorry if I left you skeptical about things. However, thanks for the comment! I'll be sure to address your point in a later post. Stay tuned, matey!



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