May 22, 2013

Implementing Bundles in Pirate101

On Christmas Day 2012, a blogger-friend of mine surprised me with a Cutthroat Bundle. I was satisfied with it, There's also the familiar Admiral's Bundle. Then there were the limited-time Boochbeard and Gandry bundles offering a head start option as well as a year-long membership. I purchased the Gandry to get started, and was very pleased with my Cutthroat loot later on. There are also the membership cards that I occasionally buy for a crowns boost. 
It was the other day, however, that I was glancing through the blogosphere to stumble upon new bundles. I never bought the W101 bundles even though I bought them for friends. I was a little against too many bundles, wondering exactly what the point was. Today, I'll share my thinking on how bundles may be implemented in P101. These are my opinions supported by my thinking, my brain, its respective cells, etc. and you may not agree with them. I respect your opinion and you're free to post it in the commons below. 

Bundles for Wizards

In W101, you have an increasingly large number of bundles to choose from, most of them ranging from $29 to $59 (US Dollars). There are options from the online-only Mega Bundle featuring the Sultan's Palace to the new Olympian and Atlantean bundles, with something for nearly everyone. However, I was never really into these things. It's like the packs, to many - there will be more and your money will quickly fall into the hands of KI. What you get may not be exactly worth your while and will clog your housing/gear tabs. However, KI needs this money to update their games and make them better for the players, so there's a reason why more bundles come out. However, as things become harder and harder to ration out onto accounts and characters (For instance, I'd want everything on the character I played most so I could make the most out of it.), things start to take a turn for the pointless. 

Bundles for Pirates

For we pirates, bundles are newer things. There were Boochbeard/Gandry options near Launch that many use to play today, and the two bundles being sold now (Admiral's and Cutthroat) seem to be enough to satisfy needs at the time. However, as more worlds come out, the demand for more bundles increases not only in update money but in player need as well. Who wouldn't want a Pirate-style Aquilian house? However, as more things in P101 start to take a turn for the W101-like, could we expect more bundles on the way? How about those packs? W101 boomed from the Dragon's and Wyvern's hoards, so why not implement something similar in their new game? 
Example of How KI's Income Affects Expansions

What Bundles Mean

Think about it. In most cases, more money on KI's side means that the money will go towards an expansion for us players. With the release of the Admiral's and Cutthroat bundles, Aquila/Marleybone followed. Could more bundles just be implemented for such things? What I'm starting to think is that the boom of packs and bundles in W101 a while back was to hire and pay P101 employees and the game itself. However, having an overflow of bundles isn't such a good idea as the concept will get over done and people may stop buying. My thinking is that to make the bundles bought more, they need to be special things. However, could this make other means of profit arise that aren't as fun? That wouldn't be good at all!
In conclusion, the method of using bundles has so far been successful on the side of KI and the inventories of the players. How long will this continue? Write a comment with your opinion below!

Keep Traveling!

Fun fact: This post used to be titled "My Box-Fort of Bundles" and was originally thought out on September 4, 2012.) 


  1. FYI the Mega Bundle is retired. You mentioned it in your post.

  2. Also, I've noticed that MMOs start off with a bang and are raking in the money. The longer they are out, the income starts to get unbalanced with the upkeep. The upkeep rises and the income lowers. Kind of sad, actually.

  3. Thanks for letting me know, Evan! I haven't been keeping up with the Wiz bundles.



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