May 19, 2013

Getting through Granchia (A Navigation Guide)

Ahoy! Today, I'm posting one of my first guides of play in a long time, available by request. It came to my attention that people were getting lost in the winding streets of Granchia, Valencia; on a recent post, a guide to the streets was asked for. Thank you, Sophia EmeraldBlossom!
In this post, I'm going to explain the features of poor Granchia and a few possible routes. Of course, I'll try to include a video and plenty of explanatory pictures. Enjoy!
Everything You'll Need to Know

Name: Granchia
World: Valencia
Skyway: Aragon
Placement: Center Right
Importance: Armada Encounter
Places/People of Interest: Phule, Historian Constanza, Scholar Lorenzo
Areas: 3 (Two in a dungeon); Granchia, Catacombs, Marco Pollo's Tomb
Mobs: Various clockworks

Granchia is special for its road qualities. No potholes or nasty construction, but the pedestrian count is out of this world! Everywhere one would walk, Armada soldiers march, ready to swipe at any unwary pirates. Of course, one would need a special map to track the troops. I have created one: 

Click to Enlarge
In short, any place boxed in red has enemies crawling inside. As you can see, that's nearly everywhere. At this moment, I'm cornered behind the barricade near Constanza, unlike in the picture. From there, I found a ramp allowing me to see a lot of the activity. What I found to be a good path was to walk past Constanza (the black circle which I'm not standing next to on the map) and walk into a battled between the two large rectangles. Then, hurry towards where the Xs are (Bruno Chapel). One can slink by the clockworks if they're careful, but not easily in the grassy parts. The only places of real interest besides the NPCs are where the Xs are, for the player visits Bruno Chapel in Granchia then leaves. Constanza offers a side quest for a crab hermit companion, though it's recommended that one doesn't pick this companion up.

Next up is Bruno Chapel. It's a short instance giving you an Armada encounter. Phule appears to taunt you, then leaves his henchman behind for you to defeat. The battle conditions are to defeat the heads of the two squadrons, proving to be an enjoyable battle with interesting drops. (The floor is interesting, too!)

I hope that helped you, Sophia; Keep Traveling!

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