May 26, 2013

Getting out of Glass House

"Have you seen what people are wearing around here?" Catbeard ran his claws through his matted fur, grumbling further on the absence of pickled herring and the like.
"Yeah, Catbeard," droned a smaller voice muffled by exhaustion, "I've seen."
"Best give the lass a break," Bonnie Anne sighed in the corner of the stony cell, holding a book open between her thumb and first two fingers, "She's been working all eve, anyways." Indeed the owner of the smaller voice had - for three straight hours, Destiny Devereaux had been half-blindly prying open a lock and tearing away at hinges with her slowly blunting knives. Moonlight shone in from a window above, a little too far up for stacked pirates to peer out of. However, if one were to be quiet enough, they could hear the wind crashing against the shore. The growing tension in visiting room VI didn't allow for such silence, though.

"Nail," Destiny yawned, reaching her hand out. The weight of the wooden bar made it impossible for anyone to open the door. Destiny had gotten rid of one pair of hinges, though as the bar fell, she was rendered unable to get out until the other hinges had been taken care of. She felt a small nail in her hand, delivered by her loyal first mate, Sarah Steele. Slowly, Destiny tore away at the hinges.
"Pillow," before the beam was a firm pillow. At the count of three, the beam was lifted and dropped on the pillow, wearing away at the hinges.
"FOOD!" squeaked a frog in the corner, "Just some food!"
"Oh, be quiet, Swidget," Sarah sighed, "We're all hungry here." A snore and grumble sounded from the other corner of the room, signifying Ratbeard's exhaustion. Sarah shook her head, "Captain, look at me for a moment." Destiny turned, her eyebrows raised in question. Her face was a little scratched and dirty, complemented by a layer of sweat. Sarah grumbled and reached for the beam, bending the hinges on one side enough for Destiny to slip out.
"How'd you do that?" Bonnie asked from behind her book. Catbeard twirled a lock of his beard, wiping dust from a cabinet.
"She just did," he replied, "It happens." Destiny slid on her rear out of the small space, standing up on her sore knees.
"I got half of it off," she announced. Her right hand had adopted a curve after such a long struggle, "I'm sure that we'll be fine in the morning."
"I d-doubt it," Swidget moaned, "Hanging consequences, and now without a solicitor."
"Sounds like a pirate to me," Sarah laughed, trying to lighten the mood. She had put up with half an hour of Swidget's mumbling.
"A pirate," Destiny noted, "A pirate!"
"What is it?" Bonnie asked, closing her book. She knew the look on the captain's face best. It was the glare of realization and immediate regret, "Catbeard, you ignorant feline!" Destiny's face contorted into that of a very angry captain.
"Meow, meow," Catbeard sighed, "What's matting your fur?"
"It was a trap," Destiny sighed, scratching the dust out of her hair and kicking the door, "To herd the lot of us in with you, Catty. Now that the Navy has all the threats under lock and key, they can lose the war themselves."
"Hmph!" A sound arose from behind the door, making the room's occupants freeze. Destiny reached for her swords, "Mmmm...HMPH!" Over the next few minutes, the same noises and small bangs were heard. Catbeard, Swidget, Destiny, and her crew all stared agape, for in a shower of splinters came a small creature with a plated back.
"Chance, you slimy runt," Destiny growled, picking her armadillo up, "Your hole in the wall is not going to help us at all." Destiny looked in disgust towards the damaged door, seeing the barrel of a gun being slid underneath, then left there. Destiny's eyebrows raised.
Ahoy! In my efforts to avoid just posting about my recent quests, I decided to write a short piece of what I thought was going on for the longest time in my efforts to save Catbeard. This piece is an example of
something fresh and unedited that I've written. I'd like to know how my "raw" writing is in comparison to my other works that have been edited. What are your opinions?

Keep Traveling!

Special thanks to Jack Teach, Perilous Paige, Silver Wolf, and Friendly Paige Parkinson for all the help along the way. :)


  1. I like it Destiny, only I'm not clear on why you are trapped in Glass House? With Swidget leading you, you are technically on the side of the Law, and have freedom of movement. Unless... the present guards are bribed by some cunning enemy and the Law doesn't know you all are trapped behind bars? Or...? But fortunately Destiny has lock breaking/picking skills... I'm afraid Anne does not!

  2. I supposed that Destiny had been framed to get trapped in Glass House to be taken in along with Catbeard. ("It was a trap," Destiny sighed, scratching the dust out of her hair and kicking the door, "To herd the lot of us in with you, Catty. Now that the Navy has all the threats under lock and key, they can lose the war themselves.") I admit that it was an unfinished idea, but I loved Catbeard so much in this bit that I had to post it. :)


  3. Ah, I get it! That makes sense -- and it could be part of a larger plot against Catbeard -- to arrange for the arrest of those who would be best able to help him. After all, somebody tipped the Royal Navy onto Catbeard leading to his arrest for treason. But Catbeard was working with Special Branch (as we saw in the affair in Monte Royal) and how better for the real traitor to cover his (or her) tracks than to set up Catbeard... also causing Special Branch to lose one of its agents.
    And I agree, Catbeard is such a fun character. He practically demands to be written about!

  4. One of these days, I'm going to write an ASW "deleted scene" where the crew meets ol' Catty and strikes up a conversation. It's just too tempting!


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