May 1, 2013

Destiny in Aquila - 614 Words of Anticipation

DISCLAIMER: The funny thing about this post is that I have never been to Aquila, nor will I until it hits Live. I enjoy writing things from a pre-release point of view with as few visual aids as I can manage. I'm sure Aquila will be great and that I'm over-exaggerating a long strip of grass somewhere in there. Enjoy!

While browsing through the community, I stumbled across pictures found on of the upcoming worlds of Aquila and Marleybone. One of them truly inspired me to write something other than my novel, a rare occurrence during this time of year. I present to you, Destiny in Aquila ala MMORPG, or 614 Words of Aquila Awesome...your pick!
Destiny slid the bottom of her shoe into the raised rock, the first of a chain embedded into the mossy ground to create a walkway. She raised her arms in the crisp air, feeling the sting of chill nip her bare wrists below the fingerless gloves which were becoming worn. In moments, a loose pair of wooden wings creaked to life, flapping steadily in the oncoming wind. She strapped the torn leather around her torso, pulling the buckles tight and fastening a clasp between her worn and dry fingers. Taking a single step onto the stone, Destiny pushed off, rolling her shoulders accordingly to direct her path of flight, curved vertically with the movement of the aged wings.

Just as her loose strands of hair flapped back in the breeze, the stained pinion feather pinned to Destiny's hat lost smaller hairs as she flew faster, winding around pointed stones and flying right under the beaks of carved rocks shaped as eagles to watch all passerby. Stalling for a moment to rise to eye level with the stone eagle, Destiny placed her gloved hand on its beak, almost feeling the effort and passion demonstrated when the creator chiseled the smooth layer of stone. She pushed off of the statue, almost walking on the underlying wind that would have hit her shoulders.

Staying on the course of the stone walkway, Destiny began to glance around the abandoned grassland. Upon the bases of the pointed stones, rough moss had ascended, though much less was found on the eagles. Through the mossy stones, large holes and crevices had been created by a force which Destiny decided not to consider in her flight. Ahead of her, farther through barren grassland was a strip of blue sky, creating enough natural light for Destiny to keep track of more. However, the murky clouds above her begged to differ, sending bolts of violet lightning to light whatever was dry in the land, if any. In reaction to the intense light, Destiny shut her eyes and rolled her shoulders in, making her wings return her quaking body to the moist ground. Perhaps a field fire wasn't going to happen. Destiny walked on, wings folded on her back. Her boots made noise on the stone walkway, and she was careful to step lightly across the gaps.

When on the ground, Destiny felt a sense of foreboding in the form of others lurking behind the rocks. She wouldn't stand dealing with such a commotion as she had suffered before. Taking to the air gave Destiny's psyche an edge that perhaps increased her own confidence. However, with the lightning continuing to strike unexpectedly, that wind-born confidence slowly wore away. Behind broken stone pillars, the lightning struck magnificently, creating sparks that flew across the walkway. In an instant, Destiny snapped her shoulders forward, her wings flapping into action. However, a mind-splitting crack resounded from just behind Destiny's shoulder, resulting in her pulling on a drawstring in reaction to a quick fall. Drawing the drawstring back in, Destiny's wings flew away, as if into the sky to be consumed and reborn as another source. Destiny scowled and hunched over at the ready, glancing behind her shoulders and using her peripheral vision to good use in her stronger eye.

Burning a run's distance away was a violet flame, probably having ignited from the lightning's striking of a rare flammable object in the damp Aquilian grasslands. However, the push of Destiny's excitement and curiosity towards the flame was soon extinguished by another strike just feet ahead. Spinning around on her right foot, Destiny picked her pace up into a sprint, praying for civilization before she lost herself in the mess.

Well, I hope you like it! Comments are appreciated.

Keep Traveling!


  1. Great post and short story :))

  2. Awesome, I think that picture is where Medusa is, if not then I think she (I put she becuase the myth says Medusa was a girl before becoming a gorgon) is a dungeon like the Labyrinth.

    P.S. Did you change the URL because it isn't updating your posts for it on either of my blogs.

  3. Cass,

    I'm not very sure where that picture is from - I'm waiting until Live. ;) Yes, I did change my URL from to . If the links still don't work, please let me know.



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