May 4, 2013

Defining Defeat - Scale of Combat, Part II

If you haven't read "How Lethal is Combat Meant to Be?", then please click this link and read up as to continue the subject in this post.

Ahoy! A few days ago, Pirates in the Sky commented on a recent post, "How Lethal is Combat Meant to Be?". It reads, "Their HP might not be how much they actually have, just how much it takes to "defeat" them." Today, I decided to expand on that topic. What exactly happens when enemies are defeated? Does it depend on different things such as race and quest, and does it apply to us? Let's take a look.

A popular instance back on the thread was Catbeard's quest involving the Marleybonian redcoats on ships. If we pirates had left them alive, then they would report back complaining of a short pirate sinking their entire fleet. If they were defeated, however, it wouldn't make sense to leave them flying through the skyway, destined to land in the space around the Spiral, or whatever eats them. Without Virtuous Anne Radcliffe's wonderful Ancient Krokotopian Memory Powder, the poor Marleybonians are destined to fall and/or become fish food. It was just the other week that I fell victim to the barrel of a redcoat's musket, however - I didn't fall, get eaten, or wind up captive. What gives?

With all due respect, I'm a fan of being an immortal pirate. Being defeated and going to Avery's Court rather than Davy Jones' locker is a pretty good deal, I admit. However, it only makes me wonder about the fates of others - some are dead as a doornail, and others we wear as trophies of combat. Others yet are harvested for pest control, another's dime, or a quick meal. This took me to Pirates of the Sky's comment straight away - perhaps some healths are the "dead" defeat criteria, and others are the "concussion" type. Perhaps some still are the "Seriously, get off of my ship!" lines to push. However, it seems like things just boil down to the quest that they're for - while perhaps the redcoat quests were for the true defeat, perhaps the Fort Elena combat quests were for other purposes, as we were indeed breaking someone out.

This leads me to think, what about those Fort Elena dogs? They're keeping in a few forces that we'd hate to see again, including Phule. They're against the Armada like we are. I wouldn't imagine the Fort teeming with unconscious and groaning dogs scrambling for their muskets - that isn't how it looks, anyways. Just as you do, the enemies disappear. Where do they go?

This isn't to develop empathy, but those Marleybonian soldiers are a lot like us. We're working mainly under orders and are armed at all times, willing to put up a fight if challenged; so are they. However, one thing doesn't stay the same. Why does the human pirate teleport back to a life fountain where it appears that similar figures don't? Is it something in our blood that we're assigned to do by means of magic, or just something that makes us unique from other enemies? Wouldn't they know that and stop attacking us?

In all truths, I know that life fountains are things that keep battles a little more PG. Our defeat criteria might as well be the one to get knocked out just as the P101 site depicts. It says nothing about the enemies, though. However, it's tough to realize that the pirates sort of cheat their ways through things - but we're pirates, aren't we?

Think about it, Keep Traveling!


  1. Also, sometimes after you defeat (or whatever happens) a boss, they tell you a line like, "Okay, okay! I'll tell ya! [insert storyline clue here]"


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