May 28, 2013

Captain's Log, 91009.86: Blasted Beachhead!


Arr! Ahoy, mateys; this be another captain's log showcasin' me adventures throughout the war zone that became of Marleybone. As of yesterday evenin', me poll showed that the requested form of questin' update was to be captain's logs, and I'll be postin' like so today. As me poll changes, I'll be updatin' differently until I'm out of Marleybone. Be sure t' vote on me poll (should be to the right of this here paragraph) if ye want to see another captain's log or somethin' else! Let's get started, now...
Saturday evenin' was th' evenin' for questin', as I decided after sluggin' down another mug o' Yum. I was out for th' Marleybonian evenin', decidin' eventually to crash in a bed and breakfast. After talking to Admiral Doggett, however, I was tasked with th' blowin' up of Beachhead. (I didn't even get a "Good morning!".)
(Cutting the pirate talk) Of course, as I write now, I survived the mission. However, it didn't come without its share of bumps along the way. I believe that it all started with who I had to recruit. Don't get me wrong - Gracie Conrad is a wonderful companion who can effectively get her job done. However, she put some attitude towards the crew, something I didn't appreciate. However, as I near the Isle of Fetch, things seem to
be lightening up.
In the beginning of the Beachhead "visit", we were greeted by clockworks. Of course, this was expected. It was in a short amount of time that we finally made it into Beachhead, though. I doubt anybody not present would be able to imagine the clockwork activity going on inside - the soldiers roamed freely and gears seemed to construct everything.
The first challenge was in the form of three spokes, each consisting of three battles with clockworks. In each one, I found starting creations, all blown to bits in one way or another - Gracie insisted that I don't drag along one of the new Battle Angels, even if it's to find a weakness. However, I do know where my own wings came from, now. Most of the time, things were blown up by Gracie's special Gelignite, which seemed to get the job done quite nicely.
However, most of the challenge for the crew was
destroying the Main Battery. I walked ahead with Gracie most of the time, trying to learn as much as I could about hydraulics and how Beachhead worked. Like me, Gracie was interested in the anatomy of the clockworks, though she thought it too dangerous to take one along. Soon enough, we were all greeted by a somewhat familiar face - Bishop. He put up quite a good fight, leaving me to help my wounded companions up with under 200 health myself at the end. Bishop got away after the first battle, though - he attempted to become an obstacle when we were throwing switches. The idea came on during then that the crew wouldn't make it out alive. Gracie didn't seem to worried about that, though in this instance I sided with my crew. It took a good sprint, but we all got out in time. In fact, it was sort of nice seeing the fortress collapse, at last adding a touch of bright light to the gloomy skies of Marleybone.
As we dock at Fetch, I can already hear the growl of the Kurgha soldiers. Something isn't right here, and I'm going to find out what it is. Until then, Keep Traveling.

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