April 26, 2013

I Won Camp NaNoWriMo!

Ahoy! I have no idea on where to start - leaving you all for a month has harbored quite a few things to post about. However, I think that starting on a tangent of anything that comes to mind will do the trick.

First off, I won Camp NaNo, and just barely. This past month has been a lot busier than I had imagined, and it was very hard to get to my word goal every day. Sometimes, I wouldn't be back to write until after eight PM. However, I did maintain the goal of winning Camp with a reduced challenge (40,000 words!) and I'll be working on my novel over the next month to try and finish it.
Another goal of mine that I did achieve was a very large one. See, last NaNo, I sped through my novel. It's currently littered with typos, numbers (instead of the "qwerty" line) and too many plot holes to count. However, I feel like that by taking my time on this novel, I actually did a good job. I hope that my writing has matured enough for my blog posts to be even better now.
P101 & A Survivor's Word! I'll admit that I still stuck around in-game for the first few weeks; the month wasn't so busy, and I had given  myself some time off from things so I could write. However, that resulted in me being on the messageboards and on Pirate101 quite a bit. Most of what I did was farming for different things, none of which I have gotten yet.
A few days ago, though, I checked on quite a surprise; the last part of A Survivor's Word had been posted. I suggest that you go and check it out, as it's one of the best written chapters. The second part, A Swashbuckler's Promise, was written a great deal better, though I'm still filling plot gaps. The first segment of the second part should be out near the middle of May.

Stormgate Pirates: Over the first few weeks of NaNo, I received an invitation over G-chat. It was from my good friend Swordroll, asking  me to join his team for the riddle contest hosted by Stormgate Pirates. Even though I was just recovering from a horrible cold that rendered me unable to do anything, I opted in. I'll admit right away that I didn't do very well and often needed help with the riddles. Some of that shame will be passed onto my cold, though. However, we pulled through once I was up to speed; I did solve a few. In the end, it was a race to the finish, one that was lost by minutes. Overall, however, it was a blast. I needed to keep writing, though, so I started to gradually unplug as time passed. Thank you, Swordroll and SGP!

IRL: Alright, this is a very important update that needs seeing. Over the next six weeks, I'm going to be very tired when it comes to posting and I'm not sure how my schedule will work over then. Another similar period will be from the last week of June all the way through July. However, I have decided not to participate in Camp July, so I'll be posting through then. 

Well, I do have a few posts in the process of being written, and updates should come as early as Saturday. There is one more fan-fiction bit to be posted, and I've been getting good reviews on those as of yet. I'd appreciate notes on my work so I can see what needs to be worked on.

At last, I'll leave you with a choice bit of my novel, as people have wanted to read it - it's a fairy tale written by a two-scene character that changes my MC's mindset for the rest of the novel...

There was a man made of ash approaching Savannah-to-Port [river], leaving footsteps of black and gray where he once stood. Ever so slowly, the man knew he was growing smaller. He longed to find love that lasted as he did before he shrunk into nothing.
(Elias laughed. Had there been ash before?)
Little did the man know, there was a fine young woman made of leaves, suffering loss of her own self as the wind tore her apart. She looked over a single daughter and single son, made of water and fire. They tore apart at one another and deteriorated the mother. In many hours' time, the ashen man found a way to jump over the river and join the small family for the rest of their days. His grandfather followed silently, nipping at his ears every so often from the east. When the ashen man united with the family, he had been shrunken to walk on his knees. His new wife, as they decided that minute, had holes in her body. Both of her children cried out, though she couldn't do anything without risking herself. The grandfather tried to assist but only tore through the others. In anguish, the grandfather flew away before they all four fell apart in the presence of one another. The leaves of the wife traveled north and south, creating mountains from sprouts. The son and the daughter lived next to one another as the river, basin, and plains. Though the grandfather roamed everywhere at that time, he took to the ash fields created by the footsteps of the ashen man. 

With a win in hand, a post in mind, and hours of sleep neglected, Keep Traveling.

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