Halfway Briefing!!

Ahoy, me readers! You might not have any idea how excited I am to be writing this briefing, as I really haven't written a good blog post in a while. For the most part, it's been little ------ ------- (10/18/14) bits on my wordcount and my novel, but never enough to be called a post. However, as I restrained myself from even checking on this blog, I promised myself to visit halfway through the month to write a halfway briefing. This update will include bits on Pirate101 (are there many?), my novel, and a few minor other things.
Through the post, you'll see various pictures - those are covers that I've put together for my friends and for myself. Well, enjoy the post!

Stormgate Pirates
I wasn't sure if my friend wanted
her name on my blog, so I
smudged it out.

Over the past few weeks, I actually did check in on my e-mail quite a bit, as many of my writer-friends prefer contacting me through there. Earlier in the month, while I was searching through for a few pictures, Swordroll asked me to be on his team for quite a contest. Though I hadn't heard of it before, the contest was that of Stormgate Pirates', composed of riddles and fun images. Every eight hours or so, another riddle would go up. I thought it was so much fun to look through, though with a nasty cold and my novel clouding my mind, I had a hard time solving a few. When I stumbled (and almost gave up around page 22), Swordroll was there to lend me a hand (or another brain) and get me back up to speed, which was very kind of him. In fact, without his help, I wouldn't have been able to get past the first few pages. With a nod to both SGP and Swordroll, I can conclude that this contest was indeed one of the best I've ever participated in. Kudos!


Farming. Farming, farming, farming! If I'm ahead or a little too lazy, I log into Pirate101 and run through Friar Sand a few times until I get bored enough to stop procrastinating. At the moment, I'm farming for the Shaolinquan Vestment and an undecided pair of boots to stitch with my Cool Ranch outfit. I've also been touring around the Spiral, with my favorite stop being the Avernus Skyway. I've also been through the Tierra Primata and the Aragon Skyways a few times for references in my fan-fiction and in my novel. (The references, just to clear it up, are to sky texture, object design, pillars...)
Besides being in-game, I've actually been quite active on the Pirate101 messageboards with partial thanks to a new YAR! button, similar to a LIKE! button on various social networking sites. Among the topics I like to discuss are why certain features in P101 are there, aren't, or in/not in W101. Of course, they'll be sources for May posts, so I'll keep quiet about them.


This is my WIP cover - do you like it? I'm
going to work with the smoke-stuff
on the bottom-left.
If you were wondering, LEAP is the WIP (work-in-progress) title of my novel. It's (in a yum bottle) about a group of people, whose current ages range from eleven to twenty-one, who were all born around the leap day. The general setting is that of a world based on the horoscope calendar, where water-based symbols would live in certain places, as would the earth-, wind-, and fire-based would in others. The leap-day people (Leapers, as I call them) seem to be needing another place, where my main character (Elias) is escorted to in the first few pages.
The new home, a ruined city, is one of great promise and past dependence, as the growing cast finds out. Many of the standing buildings are filled with rooms whose articles dictate different lifestyles. All things destroyed are constantly run over by storms of flying ash, dust, and other whatnot that's yet to be found by Elias. Meanwhile, the plains in every direction of the city (Leap) are covered in the said ash, only harboring dangers unknown. As more problems arise involving power, strength, and versatility, Elias will find himself holding the lives of his friends in his clammy palms. Boo.


Well, no entries in the Meet the Crew contest? Sad.
If you are doing Camp NaNoWriMo and are up-to-date on words (for a 50k novel, today's goal is just over 25,000 words), then I'll happily make a cover for you if you like what you see.
My e-mail is the best way to contact me while I am participating.
Don't forget to read my post series, DSD and the Machine!

Keep Traveling!


  1. Love the covers Des! Really neat and we should catch up sometime on life :)

    Hope alls well!

  2. Nice to hear from you, Blaze! I'm still on Gmail, so catch me when I'm chat-able.

    Warmest wishes,


  3. Will do! By the way, I can't find your contest. Can you link me? Also, I love your various blog headers. Very unique :)

  4. No worries - contest's long over now. Yeah, those headers are my pride and joy; I'm working on a new one as we type.



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