April 28, 2013

DSD and the Machine, Part V

Hello! If you're reading this during the month of April 2013, then I am busy writing my novel for National Novel Writing Month! To keep the blog going, I've set up a series of posts that together create a story.

This story is about my character Dead-Eye Destiny Devereaux. It also stars a few of the pirates who have submitted their names for my fan-fiction, who will appear again in my "official" works - Jack Teach, Virtuous Valkoor Vawdry, and Aedan Morgan. On her way to a location in Monquista, Destiny hitchhiked onto a ship called the Santa Elena. Much to her dismay, the ship sailed in the opposite direction that she had hoped. The sky-life prevented Destiny from jumping ship, and eventually she got discovered. As Destiny worked her way up the ranks of the ship, she found out that the crew intended to sail into El Dorado, the lost city of gold. Stricken with fear of death and with the loss of the barkeep One-Eyed Jack, Destiny is forced to jump ship at the last safe spot - right next to the Armada's Machine, armed only with unexpected gifts from the crew.
Now that Destiny has landed, she is trying to find a way around the Machine. However, she thinks that she has run into an enemy. It doesn't seem to notice her. Destiny tries next to listen to One-Eyed Jack's trial, but can't stand the grief. She leaves the hall, only to be visited by the crew of the Santa Elena. Battle against the Armada ensues. What happens next?


Destiny felt like it did. When she closed her eyes at last, she felt a certain bit of her head tilt in the way that made her block a little more noise out as she raised her swords and spun on a single foot. She didn't really know why closing her eyes did such the trick,  but she worked with blindness as if it were a friend, especially after quite a few dark escapades from the Armada. Destiny flickered her eyes open to see a couple of clockworks spasming on the ground, defeated. Not Deacon nor Kane was nearby – they had left her to the mercy of their clockworks. Destiny rammed again, only to realize that the wall was stronger with every layer of soldier. She darted to the side again, trying to estimate the number of clockworks in the circle advancing inwards. Destiny looked back down to her talisman – she wasn't sure why it wasn't working. However, when she looked down, she saw that it had stopped glowing and was emitting a weird fog or sorts that smelled weirder than Destiny had thought. Destiny looked to the circle – they advanced closer in increments of steps. Destiny popped the chain and looked back at it. It was at this time that Destiny realized her breath getting shallower.  Shakin her head a little bit, Destiny threw the amulet at the ground, making a small explosion of mist. Of course it had to explode, Destiny thought, Just what I needed! Destiny pushed through the boundary at last, running blindly through the door. The room had turned into a slightly transparent mess. It was sort of gray, sort of clear, yet nothing was seen through it. Destiny pushed her way out and dove head-first into the foggy sky, taking gulps of the nullifying smog just for a gasp of air. She swam full-speed into the windlane, wading in the air.  Ruckus from the Machine silenced quickly, and Destiny kept swimming through the sky, reaching for a plank to rest on. The grim Valencian skies seemed to nod to Destiny as she searched for the windlane, the only thought of hers being to get away from the Machine. In fact, the fog was taking its toll on her as she thought in mere fragments. Every so often, she felt for her swords and muttered something to herself, still swimming. She knew that the fog was doing its work, and that the stormgate would have to be nearby. Destiny turned into the first one that she found, curling into a ball while flying down into the whirlpool.
Destiny emerged again in the Avernus skyway, gasping for air that was now sort of ashen. A bone drake flew by, its wingtip scraping Destiny's arm. She laid back in the windlane, trying to regulate her breathing. She didn't exactly know what else she could do besides. She didn't want to look up at the bone drakes, either as they began to circle. The fragments of Destiny's thoughts were convinced that if she didn't move, the drakes would ignore her. However, staying in the windlane reduced the drakes to simply following her. Getting back to Skull Island would be a problem.
“HEY!” Destiny opened her eyes a little to the sound of a voice. Whose voice was it, though? She turned her head, the squeeze of the windlane hurting a little due to her low stamina, “HEY!” Destiny looked back to the direction of the voice, from a ship of rotted wood and faded red sails. She rolled over in the windlane and began to float in place, looking towards the voice and waving a little. She waded over a little, “DESTINY!” Destiny's mind started to click back into place as Aedan kept yelling. Destiny waved more with both hands. The ship landed a little ways away. A rope cascaded down the side of the ship, and Destiny held onto it, flopping onto the deck in short gasps.
“Where have you been?” Jasmine asked, running out towards Destiny from the cabin. She tilted her head up.
“Where have you guys been?” Destiny sat up a little bit, then stood shakily, “I got taken out, and then..” Destiny tried to piece her memory together, “Then I ran into a lot of fog.”
“Valencian fog,” Aedan muttered, walking towards the growing group, “It damages memories.”
“I swam in it,” Destiny moaned, leaning on the side of the ship. She felt a little out of it, definitely, but in the way that separated her from herself, “And I'm glad.”
“What?” Anneke asked, looking up from a knot in her hair as she too left the cabin.
“See, the air does that. I remember the trials after a few tries, and they really do damage you. The air messes with your mind enough for you to forget them, which is just an added plus,” Destiny explained, looking back at her crew, “It's good to be back.”
“When we were fighting,” Vawdry mentioned, “I heard of a certain 'Tiburies'. Do you know him?”
“Tiburies is a weapon, actually,” Aedan started before Destiny nodded and cut him off.
“A very powerful weapon,” she added, looking back to the crew gravely, “Kane has it.”


....that's all, folks! Let me know what you thought of it. I should be back in two or three days. Thanks for reading!

Keep Traveling!

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