April 23, 2013

DSD and the Machine, Part IV

Hello! If you're reading this during the month of April 2013, then I am busy writing my novel for National Novel Writing Month! To keep the blog going, I've set up a series of posts that together create a story.

This story is about my character Dead-Eye Destiny Devereaux. It also stars a few of the pirates who have submitted their names for my fan-fiction, who will appear again in my "official" works - Jack Teach, Virtuous Valkoor Vawdry, and Aedan Morgan. On her way to a location in Monquista, Destiny hitchhiked onto a ship called the Santa Elena. Much to her dismay, the ship sailed in the opposite direction that she had hoped. The sky-life prevented Destiny from jumping ship, and eventually she got discovered. As Destiny worked her way up the ranks of the ship, she found out that the crew intended to sail into El Dorado, the lost city of gold. Stricken with fear of death and with the loss of the barkeep One-Eyed Jack, Destiny is forced to jump ship at the last safe spot - right next to the Armada's Machine, armed only with unexpected gifts from the crew.
Now that Destiny has landed, she is trying to find a way around the Machine. However, she thinks that she has run into an enemy. It doesn't seem to notice her. Destiny tries next to listen to One-Eyed Jack's trial, but can't stand the grief. She leaves the hall, only to be visited by the crew of the Santa Elena. What happens next?


“There will be a distraction,” Jack Teach said quietly, thinking a little by the look on his face, “I think it will hold enough clockworks at bay to get Flopsy out. If we can distract enough people, then we can swim out to the ship, which can be sailed out of firing range. However, that's all the way back in the windlane.
“Good enough. It's better than swimming back to Avery's Court,” Vawdry said with a smug grin. He turned towards the door. Aedan clapped his hands together and everybody became very transparent, but Destiny was completely invisible, “Let's go get that rabbit.”
“Right on!” Destiny exclaimed. She strode in the middle of the pack, repositioning her hat once more. The invisibility was a unique power indeed – she could see her teammates clearly and they could see her. However, any enemy forces wouldn't be able to see any of them unless they had very good vision. Destiny wondered for a moment about that before she gripped the door handle.
“On three,” Teach noted, loading his gun and lunging forward, “This one'll be a little messier.” Destiny nodded and waited for the count. On three, she opened and ducked behind the door as Teach fired at the ceiling to make a column of dust and debris fall, following with a small handheld bomb which added to the smog once fired at.
“Go!” Vawdry yelled. Destiny ran into the room, hoping to remember as much as possible about how it was set up so she wouldn't trip over anything. Because of the dust, Destiny tipped her hat farther down and squinted to avoid getting any in her eyes. The calm whoosh of fire resounded in a corner, maybe from a falling light. Destiny reminded herself to stay away from the walls and falling lamps as she reached the ramp. Reduced to all fours to avoid falls, she scrambled up and listened for coughing.
“Got him!” Destiny stood up to try and locate Lt. Morgan but only heard his Cool Ranch drawl from somewhere above her. The clinks and screeches of metal on metal and the startling fire seemed to call back from below. Destiny turned around to try and escape, but looming over her was but one.
“GO!” Destiny barked, taking a cautious step back as Deacon drew his gun.
“Destiny Devereaux, I see you've recovered barely from our last encounter.” Deacon referenced Destiny's ragged eyepatch, which resulted in a growl from the tiny Swashbuckler, only tiny in comparison. Destiny gazed up as the dust began to clear, this time unwilling to look down the barrel.
It was during the following moments that the dust seemed to not settle but to stop in place. A fragment of Destiny yearned to draw her swords and fight back, while the rest seemed content with surrender.
“No final words this time? No doubt you've...rehearsed.” Destiny grit her teeth at the mention of final words. Each time she had gotten caught, she had happened to yell something before Deacon fired. This time, however, there were no words that she felt like saying.
“Drop your weapons.” Destiny winced and refused to look up as she undid her sheath-belt and let it fall, “No need to remove the talisman. Consider it a gift to...dwell on.” Destiny backed up a few more steps and felt the cold metal of an Armada musketeer, who used its rifle as a bar to hold Destiny back. Deacon took a step to the left, as did other clockworks. Destiny's eyes widened as a clockwork about Deacon's size and build stepped out in front of her.
“Hello, again.” Destiny knew Kane's voice better than she knew his face – as One-eyed Jack was, Destiny had  been exhausted and couldn't think right during “trials”, but after a few, she had learned what Kane's voice sounded like, “It's a pleasure to meet our little escapee while she can actually talk.” Destiny looked to the ground again, towards her weapons, “Where did your crew go?”
“Them?” Destiny grunted, “Barely know them.”
“I realized,” Kane said in a somewhat soothing tone. It had to be a trick, Destiny decided, put the soft  voice on the toughest clockwork to fool prisoners, “In fact, you're being quite honest today.” Destiny bit her lip. She tasted something sweet in her mouth, just like before. However, she hadn't been taken out by the Armada first. An equation began to form in her head. Would the outside smog plus exhaustion bring a condition on a breathing person that resulted in severe fatigue to make the “trials” work in the Armada's favor? Of course she had dropped her swords, Destiny decided, it had to have been the air. However, she hadn't gotten as beat up. Destiny decided to defy the odds.
“I like how transparent you're being,” Destiny snickered, looking back up, “Where are they?”
“Oh, nowhere. Tiburies was a little easier to get ahold of, you know?” Deacon mentioned as Destiny narrowed her eyes.
“Tiburies, Napoleguin's master weapon, lost to all,” Destiny repeated from the rhyme, “All who grasp it seem to fall.” Destiny grumbled something to herself then began to squirm enough to get the tip of her boot under the belt.
“In fact, Dorsal handed it over quickly, only resulting in another escapee.”
“Escapee?” Destiny's mind raced. Where was the Santa Elena and One-Eyed Jack?
“You know him,” Kane murmured, “Karo. You once quarreled with -”
“Not even close!” Destiny growled, kicking her belt into her hands and unsheathing her swords, jerking around just so she could create a little more space between her and the gun so she could slip under. Destiny ran out into the center of the circle of clockworks, bending her knees to get a better vantage point. She looked towards the door before the gap got filled with the Armada. That way, Destiny decided, thinking of a possible idea. She rammed shoulder-first into the side of the circle closest to the door, shaking a few clockworks before they closed again. Switching the grip on her swords, Destiny sighedout again, trying to trigger the feeling of her peace again,  hoping that it would do the trick once again.

Check back soon for another segment!


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