April 16, 2013

DSD and the Machine, Part III

Hello! If you're reading this during the month of April 2013, then I am busy writing my novel for National Novel Writing Month! To keep the blog going, I've set up a series of posts that together create a story.

This story is about my character Dead-Eye Destiny Devereaux. It also stars a few of the pirates who have submitted their names for my fan-fiction, who will appear again in my "official" works - Jack Teach, Virtuous Valkoor Vawdry, and Aedan Morgan. On her way to a location in Monquista, Destiny hitchhiked onto a ship called the Santa Elena. Much to her dismay, the ship sailed in the opposite direction that she had hoped. The sky-life prevented Destiny from jumping ship, and eventually she got discovered. As Destiny worked her way up the ranks of the ship, she found out that the crew intended to sail into El Dorado, the lost city of gold. Stricken with fear of death and with the loss of the barkeep One-Eyed Jack, Destiny is forced to jump ship at the last safe spot - right next to the Armada's Machine, armed only with unexpected gifts from the crew.
Now that Destiny has landed, she is trying to find a way around the Machine. However, she thinks that she has run into an enemy. What happens next?


Destiny unsheathed her swords, ready for a fight. Turning, she saw a clockwork musketeer march towards her. In fact, it was getting a little closer than its kind normally would, making Destiny worried. When she at last realized that it didn't notice her, she stepped to the side before it ran her over. It was amusing, Destiny found out. She walked around the docks, looking for an entrance, going unnoticed by the clockworks. She approached one standing still at a corner. She peered at its gleaming axe, noticing an orange glow from her. Confused, she stepped further towards the reflective axe, looking at herself. Only a faint orange light was seen from where the pendant's charm was. Destiny smirked – Teach seemed to have a reason along with the gift. She kept walking, trying to find a door for several minutes before she found an entrance way at last.
Ducking into the opening, Destiny was greeted by a long corridor filled with clockworks. She waltzed through them with ease, sneaking along the wall as she slipped into the next room. However, Destiny was greeted with quite the surprise – an auditorium, more like an amphitheater upon closer inspection. Rows of pew-like stone cascaded down towards a raised platform of several chairs, and a smaller platform next to it. Destiny walked down into the center aisle and watched the room fill as she thought. A flash of white interrupted her, however, as it dragged her glare towards the fluffy and unconscious being of the barkeep One-Eyed Jack, convicted by the Armada at last. Destiny followed the small group of clockworks surrounding him and earned her way onto the smaller raised platform, standing right behind One-eyed Jack. Gazing up at the other raised platform, it was as if she locked eyes with Deacon, sitting a few clockworks to the left of Kane himself. Destiny gulped and sat crosslegged – who would stop her? The hall silenced, and she looked on anxiously. Slowly, One-Eyed Jack began to awaken, moaning a bit to himself then flicking his ears and twitching his nose.
“Jack Flopsy,” the deep voice of Deacon himself began speaking, “Quite the nuisance, operating on the behalf of the Frogfather from Flotsam.” Destiny almost dared to yell out. One-eyed Jack only looked up and nodded in acknowledgment. Destiny couldn't stand it – she needed to find help. Destiny slowly got up and walked down the ramp and into the open, hoping nobody noticed her opening and closing the door.
It was an issue in the heart of every soul who had escaped from the Armada's grasp, the memories that would haunt them for the rest of their lives. Destiny estimated Jack's “trial” to go on for the next hour or so, and she decided to take a break herself, danging her feet over the edge. Getting the barkeep out of the mess would be harder than she thought, as she had no crew anymore. However, getting  an alliance with Skull Island back on line was crucial to survival, Destiny had learned soon after losing it. She looked into the sky, towards the gleaming windlane. She exhaled a visible cloud of air, trying to determine a solid plan. Swimming out now would be too easy, and leaving the barkeep behind was just too dangerous. Destiny rubbed her gloved hands together and heated her cheeks with them. She looked back to the windlane – its pull was just magnificent, like how a dress would attract a Marleybonian poodle or how the clink of gold would tempt Blind Mew. Destiny felt the physical attraction to the windlanes right away, always at peace when sailing in the,. Destiny looked back out an swore that she saw a shimmer in it. Of course, the shimmer wasn't just a shimmer, Destiny soon learned as the shimmer got bigger. In fact, the end product of the shimmer was an orange and gold trimmed ship that docked near her.
“We wouldn't leave you behind like that,” Destiny heard the loud voice of Lt. Morgan calling from the ship. She made a sign for silence with her fingers, and pointed to the court, then giving herself rabbit ears with her palms. Destiny smiled and watched the crew try and decipher her signs. Eventually, the three top dogs came down again – Vawdry, Morgan and Teach. Destiny smiled and greeted each pirate in turn.
“Alright,” Destiny said, “Because they've got Jack in there, we're really in trouble. One-Eyed Jack, the barkeep at Flotsam. You all know him!” Destiny explained, catching her swords, “the place is filled with clockworks and the like, so it's dangerous to just be there. However, we can get through the hallways quickly. It's the courtroom that troubles me. Everyone was there.”
“Who's everyone?” Teach asked, sliding a cloth over his musket half-consciously.
“Everyone as in Kane's Court – they were all present. The queen, Bishop, Deacon, pawns were everywhere. Kane stared me right in the face even though I can wear this amulet. Thanks, by the way.” Vawdry nodded, “Invisibility was never my forte, so I could even keep it for long.
“Well, you have a point. However, I'm sure that we could put something together with the amulet being hers now,” Aedan pointed out, “It's a wonderfully crafted thing, you know.” Destiny laughed.
“You and you accessories.” Destiny snickered.
“Not my fault, really, “Aedan countered as Destiny stood up.
“Alright, what's the plan?” Destiny asked, clapping her hands together.


Hope you enjoyed it! Check back next Tuesday for another part to the adventure!


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