April 9, 2013

DSD and the Machine, Part II

Hello! If you're reading this during the month of April 2013, then I am busy writing my novel for National Novel Writing Month! To keep the blog going, I've set up a series of posts that together create a story.

This story is about my character Dead-Eye Destiny Devereaux. It also stars a few of the pirates who have submitted their names for my fan-fiction, who will appear again in my "official" works - Jack Teach, Virtuous Valkoor Vawdry, and Aedan Morgan. On her way to a location in Monquista, Destiny hitchhiked onto a ship called the Santa Elena. Much to her dismay, the ship sailed in the opposite direction that she had hoped. The sky-life prevented Destiny from jumping ship, and eventually she got discovered. As Destiny worked her way up the ranks of the ship, she found out that the crew intended to sail into El Dorado, the lost city of gold. Stricken with fear of death and with the loss of the barkeep One-Eyed Jack, Destiny is forced to jump ship at the last safe spot - right next to the Armada's Machine, armed only with unexpected gifts from the crew.
Now that Destiny has landed, she is trying to find a way around the Machine. What happens next?


Destiny looked to her swords, then to her boots. She didn't want to have to go through a climb again – she just couldn't. Still, there hung the accomplishment of getting to the top (and perhaps scratching her name in) at the peak of the summit that she called the Machine. Looking directly up, Destiny thought about a vertical climb, but only found a spinning gear after a steep dome, sort of slick in the humidity. Destiny looked to her gear and shrugged.
“Pirates plunder pirates once,” she muttered to herself, “Why don't I give it a shot?” Destiny backed up a little, then ran towards the gap between her gear and the dome, all while they both were spinning. Destiny leaped up and unsheathed her swords with a little bit of a jerk, landing in a sliding form. She used the tips of her weathered hands to grip the dome, as piercing it would be too risky. Looking back up to the summit, Destiny slowly drove the tips into the metal, just barely piercing it with a little added force. She slid back down so that the blades were the only source of surviving the dome. She just barely gripped the metal with her boots, then took a leap towards a higher section of the dome, landing the same way. It was after six or seven leaps that Destiny held onto an antenna at the top of the Machine, thoroughly winded. She let the rest of her body go limp, trying to recover the energy that she had lost so quickly. Destiny sighed out and closed her eyes. Once her limbs felt looser, she swung to her feet and found the spinning gear, whose body had circles carved out for weight efficiency. To catch the next lift, Destiny would have to time things just right, especially since her antenna twirled as well. She carefully let go shortly before she felt the time was right and slid on the dome's course, grabbing onto the hole and pulling herself up. Not only was she spinning as the gear spun, but the gear itself moved on a pulley. As she got higher, Destiny jumped onto another gear, and haphazardly nestled herself in the metal, distributing her body weight evenly. As she rose, the dome below seemed to be more and more clouded up by the ground-faring fog. Gulping a little, Destiny kept looking up, towards another platform that she could just barely make out. It was maybe a hundred yards higher up than she was, and it would take at least another minute to get there.
“What a story this'll make back home,” Destiny whispered to herself, “She rode on a gear for ages and saw all of Valencia, from Granchia to the stormgate and everywhere in between. She was shrouded in the mist and used it to conceal her presence. Oh, how lonely poor Destiny must have been – losing her first crew and leaving newfound friends just to save the barkeep!” Destiny chuckled to herself, starting to fall into a safer world in her mind, “When she got to the top, she saw the sun, which melted the water on her right away. She could hear birds singing from up there – cypress trees blossomed and water flowed from a life fountain nearby. She kept going up, though, into the fog – her goal wasn't to stop early.” Destiny watched the platform get closer, and not a soul resided on it. As she neared the stop, she noticed that parts of it were wearing away. However, something landed and started picking at it, a small bird. Destiny extended her hand to let it rest on her wrist, but it was a little too late when Destiny realized that the bird was no innocent creature – not by gear eyes and clockwork wings! The bird started clawing at Destiny's wrist, then flying towards her face. Destiny slipped her other knee over the side of the gear as she tipped all the way back, holding on with her knees. The impact of the air would be just too severe. Destiny unsheathed both of her swords before they fell out, slashing at the clockwork bird until it flew away. She could feel her obliques scream as she sat back up, straddling the gear again.
It was after a few minutes that Destiny spied another platform – one that was a lot bigger and moved faster. However, it was revealed quickly that it was no platform, but a prison barge in an odd shape. Destiny found the top to be safe and rolled onto it from the gear when the two points intersected. She gripped onto the top to find out that she was holding onto a massive pole making a joint in the sails. She slid down and landed on the deck after a few fast seconds. It seemed like the entire crew was below, so Destiny scurried on deck to try and find a hiding spot, quickly obtained in the folds of a large sheet-like piece of fabric for a cannon. She closed her eyes once under and felt for the movements of the ship. Unlike other works, Destiny wasn't very used to the movements of a clockwork ship, so the clanks and jerks meant different things than Destiny had interpreted, felt when she leaned in the wrong direction. Eventually, Destiny had gained a hang of things, only to realize that the barge was flying in circles, at least by the movements of the gears below, or what she felt. In fact, the barge was flying downwards, too. Destiny quickly slipped out of her hiding place and peered over the side of the ship, gasping as she saw the pulley-ride going up as she went down the way she came. Destiny scurried back under the sheet-like tarp and hid until the ship came to a full stop, then bracing herself. The feeling of footsteps on the deck made a rumbling under Destiny's stomach, making it grumble and moan worse as she hid. There were two prominent dragging noises on the deck, probably two feet by the sounds of them. Destiny peeked out a few minutes after the walking stopped. She was back at the dome from before, but on a lower level, another  building it seemed. She leaped out and ran across the gangway onto the docks, only to hear clanking behind her.


Hope you liked it! Check back next Tuesday for the next segment!

Keep Traveling!

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