March 2, 2013

The Companion Promotion Equation

        Hello! Sorry for the delay of posts - this sprained wrist still hurts and my typing isn't the best, though I'm back on my writing schedule. I haven't been on P101 all week, and I'm excited to start helping my friend Friendly Paige Parkinson (aka Paige Daisypetal over at The Sorcerer's Sights) in Mooshu before I get back into the swing of my own travels.
        Of course, I meant my P101 travels. Today, I went hiking in a place about two hours from my neck of the woods, and I remember that almost a year ago, I posted a picture of my shoes in the place where I sat down.
        Unfortunately, I forgot to take a camera-enabled device on my way up the cliff, so when I got back to the car, I snatched a phone and scurried up a nearby tree, taking a similar picture. Oh, by the way, my shoes got a promotion. Obviously, after three or four great things that my shoes helped me do, I needed to buy ones whose soles were a little more whole.
        Of course, the same idea applies to my companions. No, not the hiking, the great things and promotions!
        Let's take a look at a few of my companions. For today, I'll be using a few of my favorite companions - Froggo Villa, Sarah Steele, Buffalo Bill, and El Toro (cue)!
        When I said great things and promotions, I intended for the great things to be the lifesavers of battles, the critical hits! What I've developed over the past few weeks (Weeks, because I thought of it one day, proved things a few days later, voiced it a few days after that, and then sprained my wrist.) was an accurate equation for determining how many times a companion gets/will get promoted by the number of critical hits that it can perform without previous cues.
        I'm going to give you a glimpse of Sarah Steele, first. As a bit of background, Sarah Steele is my first mate. She has high hits and dangerously low health that I usually back up with my heals. I believe that Sarah has been promoted the maximum number of times based on her critical hits. These are the three critical hits:

(The Other One Goes Here. Picture To Be Found.)

        From these three critical types, I can tell that Sarah Steele gets upgraded twice. Why? Well, Sarah, when you get her, comes with a critical hit ability that you can click on if you want her to use it. She has a different one with every promotion. Furthermore, when she randomly generates a critical, it's one of those three. 
        You might be wondering, though - If Sarah Steele has three different critical "types", then why does she promote twice?
        This leads straight to Froggo Villa. According to several sources around the Spiral, Froggo Villa does not and will not promote to anything. Of course, he still has one critical:

           Froggo Villa solves the matter of the first critical representing the first form of companion.
        Then, there's the matter of El Toro. As a companion gained closer to where I am in levels, I'm not entirely sure of his criticals. However, I've seen three unique criticals from Toro, and that's what currently matters. Like Sarah Steele, Toro has over two critical variations, and that means that he will receive more than the one he gets now. 
        Also, this verifies KI's promise to give the Magnificent Seven companions' promotions, as Buffalo Bill has two variations. If you're a Musketeer or even a Witchdoctor, then you can easily spot Bill's gun-behind-back and lunge-then-shoot variants of hits, meaning that he has one promotion.
        Like I promised, I developed an equation that could possibly determine promotions: c - 1 = p, for c being critical variants and p being the number of promotions. Once you determine c, you can solve quickly for p. Here are a few examples:

Sarah Steele:
c - 1 = p
3 - 1 = p
p = 2 promotions

El Toro: 
c - 1 = p
(3+x) - 1 = p, for X equals any variants that I missed.
p = 2+x promotions, where X must be determined. 

        I hope that the equation makes enough sense for you to determine your own companion's promotions. However, you must remember that this is only theorectical, and updates may present more promotions or a different system. While the equation still works, though, enjoy it! 
         Keep Traveling!

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