Questing Update (and Another Day Hiking)

Sideways FTW?
Hello! As you may be able to tell throughout this post, I'm very tired, but very happy. For the past few hours, I've been in the open air, hiking my heart out! This was the second Saturday in a row that I've gone out to the same place and walked to new places. My goal is to know the particular park like the back of my hand! Of course, that requires seafood, muffins, and shoe-shots.
Meanwhile, I've been trying to navigate through Mooshu! After remembering something my friend Swordroll tried a month ago, I decided to try the same thing - buying a raft and sailing through Mooshu! I have to admit that it was very cost-efficient, fuel is cheap, and it earns a laugh. I actually got questioned a couple of times by a few galleon-sailors. It's been a blast! Let's see where the raft has taken me!

One of my first stops of the day was in the Brawlin' Hall! Shortly after my goal-setting post, I decided to try some PvP out. Sadly, the only people online for battle were considerably lower leveled than I was, and many of them fled once they were taken out. However, I did meet a few nice people and made one friend. Because my computer was so laggy, I took several nice screenshots of the arena. My best shot is to the right of this paragraph, or right below/above it on phones or if you're receiving this via e-mail.

After that, I was off to the bottom of the Lake of the Rising Sun - a very nice place, I must say. However, the moment I touched down, I switched into Wizard-mode and started searching the area for reagents. Results - 19 gold. I spoke to the Dragon King, who wasn't too courteous, but presented me with the challenge of getting his golden egg back. This led me to the Valley of the Titans, where this happened:

Of course I'm kidding! No, no - THIS happened:

I stand with you, Toro, but if you're going
to be that way, then you can hop off and crash the raft.
That's right, it's off to the Stormzilla for me! I've been looking through a few guides and thinking strategy. However, lag, fullscreen mistakes, and other obstacles have put me turns behind. Also, where the heck did Stupendor-X come from (besides the wall) and why aren't these things busy smashing the Armada? I'm seeing a conflict of interest here. I'll be honest, though - the Stormzilla battle is tough! I can't wait to duke it out this evening. Heck, I might even record it! 

With a new Chess and the Armada post on the way, Keep Traveling! 


P.S. Actually, I sort of live up to my Keep Traveling in the sense of today's cliff-hiking. I couldn't stand still - I was afraid that if I stopped walking and didn't sit down that I would tumble off! I guess that phrase is a keeper.