Mother Spider's Venom (A Pirate101 Short Story)

"Mortal child, you would walk to the edge of the Abyss. Your friend here is dead enough, but you are not. Hold out your hand, and take my gift."

Chilling, isn't it? Part of me didn't want to promote Old Scratch so I could keep this line. The reason behind it lay in my pirate's need to visit the spirit world in order to set a few of Old Scratch's issues in place. However, I couldn't get myself away from this line - I needed to write, especially since the spider bit me shortly after! Surprisingly, the venom didn't affect me like Mother Spider had promised (" will not die. Not yet."). Afterwards, I decided that one of these days, Mother Spider would make it into a post or fan-fiction. Enjoy!

In this piece, I am implementing a different personality to my pirate. Destiny is a little weaker and sentimental (as well as sarcastic) than her kick-Troggy attitude is normally.

"I'm not to sure I want to be back here, Captain - not after the...incident in Motherlode," Sarah Steele held her elbows, the surprising amount of light heating her up as much as it did for the rest of the crew, "Are you sure it's still safe here?"
"Officer Cogburn has contacts back in the Ranch," a voice yelled from the ship's cabin, "If he says that it's safe, then it is - Rooster can explain the wrongdoings of a buffaloon after a sniff of its pelt!"
Sarah shrugged and leaned over the edge of the deck, "It just doesn't feel right anymore, that's it."
"It be the mojo lurking these skies," a rickety skeleton confirmed, one working eye tilting around without a particular preference. Of course, nothing looked very off as The Sky's Ransom began its course on the slight right turn towards Junction right past Cooper's Roost. Directly above the billowing sails of the ship, the afternoon sun blinded all who dared to look at it on the particularly cloudless day.
From the cabin, the owner of the voice emerged - a human pirate, clad in a violet overcoat capable of storing small weapons including knives and a whistle. Atop her head, covering an eyepatch and a sleep-deprived glare, was a feather-topped stetson, embedded with small golden stars.
"The mojo indeed, Scratch" the pirate agreed, unveiling two shining sword-breakers, a popular knife style in Mooshu, "We should be there soon."
"What's going on with the captain, Bonnie?" Sarah turned towards a fox who was admiring the view and toting a black rifle.
"Destiny doesn't like spiders, is all," the sharpshooter turned back to the captain and sighed, "Wonder why she invests so much in the skeleton, anyways. Look at him!" As the sun grew more intense, especially for the crew of the Sky's Ransom who had been accustomed to snowy Mooshu for the longest time, Old Scratch waved his arms more, albeit methodically. Occasionally, a spark would fly from a joint, something normally green with hints of yellow and black. Destiny emerged from the shadow of the mast and leaned on the rail with a semi-disappointed look.
"Mind if we stop in Tumbleweed after this?" she asked softly, weaker than usual, "I need to make sure Timmy's alright, especially with the Armada on the loose."
"Sure," Sarah said, trying to raise the mood, "I'm sure that the Seven want to see us again."
"I bet none of them know what this Dark Crawler is, no more than I do." Destiny shook her head and looked towards the canyon, "This place has changed indeed." The Sky's Ransom made a quick ascent into Arroyo Grande and Junction. With a satisfying creak, the ship turned almost one-hundred-eighty degrees towards the tiny landing. Unsheathing her swords, Destiny leaped off of the side-railing and flipped to a landing on the dock. Her crew followed in a similar fashion with the exception of Scratch who lowered himself, looking all the time vacant. Before the pirates was the entrance to a cave, somewhat slick from groundwater and whatever else would be. They practically slid into the room of crystals, gasping in turn - even Destiny.

"Arroyo Grande Web Cave," Destiny confirmed, "Interesting, huh?"
"Yeah," Sarah agreed, kneeling down to inspect a crystal, "I wonder how these things stay so bright."
"No matter," Bonnie Anne chirped, "Let's look for that spider." Destiny turned to a small tunnel hidden by the cave wall in the slightest bit. She pressed her lips together. Something about this place had thoroughly disturbed her, giving her a feeling of fatigue ever since she entered the Ranch.
"I an' I have found the Mother Spider, Captain my Captain," Old Scratch's rickety voice whispered from just beyond the tunnel, "An' that's one big spider!"
"I'll see this for myself," Destiny grumbled, walking into the tunnel and up onto a natural platform. Standing before her was a spider no less than ten feet tall, all eight legs spiny and fangs perhaps dripping with venom.
"Mortal Child," it beckoned, turning towards Destiny, "You would walk to the edge of this Abyss."
"What's that supposed to mean?" Destiny whispered, growing cold.
"Your friend here is dead enough to cross, but you are not." Destiny raised her shoulders. She wasn't sure what Raven Eyes had in mind for her to do - all he had said was that the spider would help her.
"Hold out your hand, and take my gift." Growing whiter, Destiny didn't move an inch. She clenched her fists, and it wasn't until Old Scratch gave her a little push did she stumble forward. At this point, the shadow of the spider covered Destiny entirely, making her tremble the slightest bit. She heard the clatter of Old Scratch running back, probably bewildered as well.
"You have suffered a deal, Mortal Child," the spider confirmed, crouching down, "The dead man is your cousin, and the fencer your sister?"
"In a sense," Destiny explained, "My folks got ambushed by the clockworks, and I have a sister in Savarstaad Pass."
"Indeed you have, then." Grumbling a little, Destiny pulled off one of her gloves and extended the hand. With one spider leg cradling it, Destiny turned away and waited for the moment to wince, when came in due time. Clenching her teeth together and inhaling shakily, Destiny retreated her hand and slipped it back in the glove.
"Not to worry, Mortal Child. My venom is changing you, but you will not die." Destiny waved back feebly as she left the cave, "Not yet."


Well, I hope you all liked reading that as much as I did! The particular personality that Destiny sports is the one that I'll be using for one of my characters, [Yossarian]. The brackets demonstrate that the name is a trial name and may not be used when I touch things up.
What I would really like  from you wonderful readers is if you could leave a review for this piece. I want to know how I'm doing and make sure that I have no huge errors in my style and don't see them. If you have a Google, Yahoo, Facebook, or Twitter account, then you can comment below. If you don't, then you can shoot me an e-mail at! If you know how to contact me by e-mail or a form of chat that I use, then feel free to use that if you'd like, too. All comments are moderated and those that fit the rules will be posted on the comment chain. Thanks for your input!

Keep Traveling!


  1. Great job!! :D

    i have a question... What level do you promote old scratch? I'm level 20 so am i almost there? :)

  2. Old Scratch has two promotions - I'm not sure when they are, however. Google search "Pirate101 Old Scratch" and you should find a Central Wiki or something of the like on him.


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