March 29, 2013

Miscellaneous Notes (3/29/13)

Hello! This post is to address a few things that I have meant to get on to for a long time.  This includes but is not limited to questing updates, thank-yous, thank-yous, thank-yous, and more screenshots. Enjoy!
NaNoWriMo starts in three days! Three days - can you believe it? I'm so excited to start writing and get some good work done. However, with IRL having a giant influence on my writing time at the moment, I'm lowering my goal. If I finish early, I'll try to make a higher one and then go back to my regular posting schedule once I either finish my higher one or the month ends. I'll be posting my writing-log link soon.

Questing for me is going very well - believe it or not, I'm level 49 now! I've just gained Shiruku Neko as a
companion, and that makes her my first companion above level 50, as she's level 51. Shiruku could use quite a bit of stat work, so I'll have her a little further down the line until I can increase her accuracy. At the moment, I'm working towards meeting with, er, someone by collecting laurel leaves and a harp from Amber Horde ships. It's a shame that I can't remember who I'm trying to meet - it only shows how long I've procrastinated from the quest!

Now, for the thank-yous! I wanted to thank you all for the amazing birthday wishes last Thursday. I was so surprised on how many people responded to Blaze Shadowhorn's wonderful post on my birthday (Welcome back, Blaze!) and then e-mailed me. I want to thank Blaze for that post once again, it was quite the surprise! Thank-yous also go to my dear friend Swordroll for surprising me yesterday evening with a code for a springtime pet and 5,000 crowns! I admit that I've already spent the crowns on one hoard pack, but I promise I'll save the rest!

On Meet the Crew: No entries yet. Please check out my post and enter the contest - everyone's a winner and it should be a lot of fun! 

Keep Traveling!

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