Meet the Crew: A Challenge

Are you an aspiring writer and pirate looking for a bit of fun? Then I have the challenge for you! No matter if you're looking for a good time, Camp NaNoWriMo preparation, or a little practice, then you've come to the right place. I have put together a multi-part writing challenge, all explained here.
Your task? Complete the challenges. Those who submit what they have will earn a post of their own of their work if they submit multiple, or a part of a post if they submit one. The rules are few - keep content appropriate and have a good time! How do you participate? Read on! 
You have been chosen by the Frogfather to be the planner of a huge Yum-theft. Pirates of all kinds from around the Spiral have come, hoping to get chosen. However, all of these pirates (with the exception of one) aren't very good at what they do. You'll need to get a lot of the work done yourself, as well as get them in line. How are you going to do this?

1) Pick your crew! You are going to have a crew of four to seven pirates. They can be anyone from anywhere in the Spiral as long as it makes sense for them to turn up. Explain who they are, where they come from and anything about their personality that you think is interesting. List their likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses! Make sure they have jobs and classes, too.
One pirate has already opted in and your must take him - Private Gordon Jerme, a chicken soldier from Fort McMurtry in the Haunted Skyway of Cool Ranch. He's a musketeer at heart but is alright with knives and the like. He hates magic, though - he can't stand it! Otherwise, he follows orders well and is very polite. He doesn't like being cornered or alone, though. Jerme enjoys being on the front lines and makes a good first mate.
Your crew should be compatible with one another, but no crew is perfect! 

2) Give them roles! Your crew doesn't really know what to do, and they want to know what to say and perform. So, you need to compose a script of sorts, complete with placement and actions. Your Yum shipment is currently in a Monquistan dungeon, so be prepared for monkeys! If you do not complete task 1 and want to do this, you can fill in the names as Pirate 1, Pirate 2, Private Gordon Jerme, and so on. The script should be from one to three minutes long if spoken aloud. 

3) Flatter then fool the queen! How else are you going to get into the dungeon? The shortest route to the dungeon is through the court where Queen A will be strolling when you enter. Write a short poem or song to flatter the queen with so you can give your crew the chance to get into the dungeon! Remember - monkeys like bananas, and Queen A likes jewelery. Remember though, you're a pirate, not a poet! 

4) Log your battle! You want to let the frogfather know what happened while you got the Yum - so keep track of every move in the battle! The battle grid is eight squares by eight squares. Find a way to chart the board and keep track of movements. Make sure to list who got wounded, who dealt damage and how much, and if any heals were used as well as any crew defeated. You're the captain, so you're fighting too! If you didn't complete task 1 and want to try this one, then you may use Pirate 1, Pirate 2, Private Gordon Jerme, and so on. 

How to send in entries:

Type up your entry/entries! You can do one, two, three, or all four of them. Copy and paste them into an e-mail with the following subject: Meet the Crew! (your pirate/community name here). All entries must have the parts numbered. If you cannot provide me with a name, then I will give you twelve hours to reply to the e-mail with your name. Submissions are accepted from today until April the second. In shorter terms:

You can do as few or as many of the entry options as you please!
You must include your name in the e-mail!
Please copy and paste your entries. 
Entry time is from 3/22/13 to 4/2/13
There are no prizes.

Keep Traveling!

Terms and Conditions:

All submitted entries that fit the rules will be posted over the course of April. If you submit in multiple categories, then you'll get a post of your own if your word-count exceeds 700 words total. If your count ends up as less, then you'll be in the same post with someone else with a similar word-count. If your count goes over 2500 words, then I'll ask you to choose your favorite parts. If you submit one part, then it will be in a category post with similar entries. Outside help with conventions and things is accepted, and no editing will be made to entries that are posted (with minor exceptions such as spelling errors that could be perceived wrong). No dual entries, all credit will go to a single person. Posting of winners will begin on April the third and continue through the month. Any other entries may be posted in May or July, the next NaNo month. No late entries are accepted. No early entries are accepted. One entry per person. All double entries or entries under several names of the same person will be discarded from the posting process. All posted names will be mentioned and I'll be happy to post links to community-based sites. I reserve the right to refuse entries, posting, and communication with anyone.


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