March 31, 2013

Level 50, and Just in Time!

DING! What else can I say - I have skinned buffaloon in the deepest caverns of Arroyo Grande, danced with the water moles, dined with three Monquistan queens (in one week!), and meditated with Mooshan monks. Throughout my pirate journey, I yearned to reach the level cap of fifty before it was raised. Today, I hit it.

Back to where it began - what a moving line to end the game! Imagine it - you have sailed to places you never imagined, fueled with the trust of some pirate who fosters you after you got saved from a very brutal military force. You are sent to help collect pieces of a map that you didn't care about before, and you end up helping everybody without much choice. At last, you've wound up at the place that you've been trying to get to for the past month only to realize that help is much farther away than expected. You are told to go home.
"I can't stand it, Avery," Destiny paced the length of Avery's office, peering in towards the display of items from Mooshu, each unique and intricately designed. The glimmer of a Samoorai helmet only nagged at her leaving Maruzame Castle under the orders of Cao Tzu, "I have to go back. Surely he could at least -"
"Give it a rest," Avery grumbled, hunching over a paper on which he busily scribbled, "And that's Captain Avery, to you." Destiny sighed and shook her head a little, sitting down in a plush red chair, prodding her chin.
"Where's Fin?" Destiny asked.
"Behind bars," the captain mumbled, "See here, I need to -"
"When you have that clue, contact me," Destiny said icily, storming out of the office into the heat of the court.
Then again, as I approach the Earth Temple for the twelve millionth time in hope of no more of that one Musketeer hat, maybe reaching the end now is a good thing. Truth us, NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow! I have five wonderful posts all planned out that I'm sure you'll love. I'll also try to squeeze a briefing in at the halfway point and when I finish. I anticipate a good month for writing, albeit the growing list of things to get done daily as the month progresses. I definitely have the support of my friends and WriMos.

Is this adieu for the month? I don't exactly know. I'll be on my e-mail if anybody wants to send a message or chat, and I might even squeeze a few farming runs in there, but for now, I'll be writing. When the last segment of A Survivor's Word gets put up, I'll post again.

Lastly, I'll let you all know about my NaNoBlog, if you want daily updates about my happenings in NaNo. It's called ----- ------- (10/18/14), after its creation being for the second NaNo that I'm attempting and then Sparrow in a secretly piratey spirit. I'll be sure to post any great bits here.

Final thoughts? Eh, give me a coffee and I'll be your best matey until you deny me one.

Keep Traveling!

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